Ranikhet is a hill station located in the Almora district of Uttarakhand state. It is a beautiful hill station in the state of Uttarakhand. Here you can see the beautiful peaks of the Himalayas. The serene environment and natural beauty attract tourists. Ranikhet is the central hill station of the Kumaon division, where the serene atmosphere gives spiritual peace to the mind.

Nestled in the shade of nature, the height of this beautiful hill station is about 1824 meters above sea level. This is a hill station developed by the British; the air here refreshes your mind. Its serene atmosphere, flower-covered paths, tall trees of deodar, acorn, oak, birch, and pine attract many tourists every year. Foreign ambassador once said about Ranikhet’s enchanting beauty that one who has not seen Ranikhet has not seen India.

The headquarters of the Kumaon Regiment is also located in Ranikhet; there is also the Kumaon Regimental Center Museum, which shows the glorious history and historical grandeur of the army. The biggest attraction of Ranikhet is the world-famous golf ground here. If you are fond of playing golf, then here you can fulfill this hobby. It is said about the name of Ranikhet that Ranikhet got its name from Rani Padmini. It is said that hundreds of years ago, the queen had come here to visit, but being fascinated by the natural beauty here, she made this area her permanent residence; since then, this area came to be called Ranikhet.

Many species of wildlife are also found here. Here you can find wildlife like Himalayan black bears, musk deer, goral, leopard, etc. They are found in talking birds, gray quail, black pheasant, whistling thrush, chakor, cheer pheasant, monal pheasant, and Toklas pheasant. If you want to spend some time close to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, and want peace in your mind, then you must visit Ranikhet once. Here you will find many great sightseeing places.

Beautiful Places Present in Ranikhet

  1. Chaubatia Garden

If you are thinking of going to Ranikhet for a picnic, you can go to Chaubatia Park. A favorite place of tourists from where the long-range Himalayas can be seen. A place where snow falls at the slightest cold. Apple Garden is a unique identity here. Considered to be the most extensive fruit garden in Asia, this garden is mainly a research center for fruits. Apples, apricot peaches, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, and many other trees are here.

  1. Golf Course

One of the major attractions of Ranikhet is the Golf Course that is the world’s second-largest golf ground in Asia. This ground is also known as Upat Kalika. The tall and dense trees of pine and deodar spread far and wide to attract tourists towards themselves.

  1. Bear Dam

Bear Dam is only 3 km away from Chaubatia Garden; this dam is very famous for fishing. A panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges can be seen from here.

  1. Jhula Devi Temple

Jhula Devi Temple is very famous and ancient; this temple is dedicated to Maa Durga. This temple is also known for its bells design. Here the sound of bells starts coming from far away. In this temple, there is a belief in offering a bell on the fulfillment of the wish. You will find small and big bells throughout the temple. Apart from this, the Ram temple here is also very famous.

  1. Haidakhan Temple

This place is also known as Chilianaula, 6 km from Ranikhet. The atmosphere here is relatively calm. From here, the vast mountain range of the Himalayas can be easily seen. Nanda Devi mountain is visible right in front of here.

  1. Binsar Mahadev

Binsar Mahadev is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. A carriage flowing near the temple offers a panoramic view. There is also an ashram near the temple situated amidst deodar and pine forests.

  1. Kalika Mandir

Kalika, located at a distance of about 6 km from Ranikhet Hill Station, is one of the major tourist places of Ranikhet. It is said that this place is covered with lush green forests and snow sheets during snowfall. This place is considered famous for the Kalika Temple as well as the Golf Ground.

  1. China view

China View is the gateway to the tourist city. From here, the Himalayan kingdom, especially the mountain ranges bordering China, can be easily seen. Panchachuli, Nanda Devi etc. Himalayan ranges are visible from here.

  1. Rani Jheel

Like Bear Dam, Ranikhet is situated in the middle of Ranikhet. The world of different species of fish lives here. Bamboo bridge attracts tourists to cross the lake here. A boating facility is available in this lake.

  1. Paragliding

Ranikhet of Uttarakhand is also a trendy place due to paragliding. If you are a nature lover and adventure lover, then you must visit here. Apart from paragliding, you can also enjoy trekking and golfing here. The paragliding track is at some distance from the city where you can take an auto or taxi.

  1. Yoga ground

There is a meditation yoga ground in the middle of Rani Jheel and Spring Field. This place adjacent to Eco Park attracts not only the elderly but also the youth, especially women. Here, under the open sky, there is a different joy of yoga in the shade of the trees.

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