Prevent Tooth Decay: Is there anyone who doesn’t love a bright smile? No one…. right??? That is because a smile is known to lift up your spirits. And what do you think guarantees a good smile? Tooth!!!

According to the best dentists in Rawalpindi, teeth do so much more than just chewing. Teeth are what keeps your mouth in shape. That is why it is important for you to visit your dentist.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is commonly known as the destruction of teeth. In this, not only the structure of the tooth is damaged but it also disrupts the enamel and increases sensitivity and causes you teeth ache and bleeding gums.

Let us discuss in detail the 5 preventive strategies that can minimize tooth decay.

5 strategies for Preventing Tooth Decay

There is not a shadow of a doubt that teeth are of primary importance for the human body. They are essential for you to chew your food properly. A bright and sunny smile is all thanks to the presence of healthy and well-managed teeth.

Make sure you follow the given below steps so that you do not have to face the consequences of tooth decay.

1.You Do Remember Brushing and Flossing…. Right?

Although it goes without saying, let us remind you nonetheless. Brushing is the primary step towards oral health maintenance. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day. This practice is highly important for the long life of these white pearls.

Brushing does a lot for your teeth but it is not the only dental regime that you should rely on. Food often tends to stay hidden between the gaps and that is why it is important to floss. You can get rid of these plaque-inducing food particles with the help of regular flossing. But remember to stay gentle. You can damage your gums if you floss at a harder pace.

2.Sticky, Sugary Foods…A Big No

Children tend to eat a lot of sugar in the form of candies. This unregulated consumption is often the reason for cavities. Sugars, even the natural ones, are the primary causes of tooth decay. That is why you have to make sure that you keep a check on your sugar consumption. If you have a sweet tooth, then you are in a pickle.

Sugars are known to have derogatory effects on oral hygiene, mainly teeth. Why are sugars so bad for your mouth? The answer to this question is the presence of tiny microorganisms that reside in your mouth. Oral bacteria love these sugars.

If you keep on eating these sugars then you are giving them exactly what they need!!!!

3.Make Sure to Stay Away from Acid

It is important for people to understand that enamel is the protective layer that surrounds your tooth decay. Strong enamel is necessary as it provides first-hand protection to your teeth against breaking, cracking, and fracturing.

Why should you avoid acidic foods? The reason behind this is that acid is a corrosive agent. It tends to disrupt the protective layers of our teeth. And the changes after acid wear are irreversible. Moreover, the bacteria also love the company of acid. Cut down your intake of those foods which are rich in acid or leads to the production of acid. Some examples of such foods are oranges, lemons, wine, and soft drinks.

4.Smoking Is Injurious to Health

This statement does not need any further explanation. It is common knowledge that smoking is injurious to your lungs. But smoking poses a serious threat to your oral health as well.

Thus, if you want to have tooth decay that last a lifetime, try to quit smoking.

5.Saliva Is Important!!!!!

Dry mouth is the start of many dental issues. People suffer from dry mouths because of certain medications or blocked nasal passages. Proper lubrication is important to get rid of the food particles that stick with the insides of your tooth decay.

This task becomes impossible if there is an absence of saliva inside your mouth. Bacteria tend to grow faster in a mouth that is dry. So in order to keep your salivary level in check, stay hydrated and chew sugar-free gum.

6.Dentists Are Good People

People often fear dentists. But we cannot stress enough the importance of these people who keep your dental health in check. Make sure to plan regular visits to your dentists.

Do not wait for pains to schedule a visit. Plan a visit every once in a while, to your dentist.

Closing Remarks

Dental care is of extreme importance and it is also something that goes under the radar mostly. But it is the right time that you start paying attention to this matter. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of teeth, consult your dentist once in a while.

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