1300 billion dollars! Yes, this is the health and wellness market growth value estimated for 2020-2024. Influencer marketing for health and wellness has benefited many new entrants and established their presence in the highly competitive industry. 

Increasing awareness on health is fueling rapid growth in the online health, fitness, and wellness industry. And this opportunity is not just for brands, even the lesser-known players in the market will benefit immensely.

Along with established brands, startups and new businesses are enjoying success thanks to the growing interest among the customers. With celebrities and influencers pitching in to collaborate and promote the health brands, there appears a great opportunity for value creation.

Why influencer marketing for health and wellness e-commerce brands?

Influencers have played an essential role in boosting brand awareness and increasing the follower count of many unestablished brands. Why not? When it comes to word-of-mouth recommendations, 33% of millennials trust reviews from influencers, and only 1% trust advertisements. Such a huge difference!

Also, 40% of the people purchase a product online after seeing it used and reviewed by influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Influencer marketing for health and wellness has benefited many new entrants and established their presence in the highly competitive industry.    

What are the best influencer marketing strategies for health and wellness e-commerce brands?

Today, consumers look for influencers who have an authentic relationship with the endorsed product. For instance, a fitness coach promotes a protein shake, or a player advertises a healthy meal. Their personal experiences build credibility and authority to convince the consumers. But, brands should be mindful when collaborating with influencers. Finding the right influencers and creating engaging content gets them success.

Let us see the best influencer marketing strategies for health and wellness e-commerce brands here. 

  1. Studying the niche audience

For any health & wellness brand, identifying and studying their audience helps to set the stage for influencer marketing. Consider the audience preferences foremost when building strategies. Align your plans with the audience’s interests.

  1. Setting clear goals

Set your priorities before you find the influencers. You can opt for increased follower count or drive traffic to your website. You can go with lead generation or audience engagement. A definitive goal puts your influencer campaign on the right path to give you favorable outcomes.

  1. Finding relevant influencers

It is the era of micro-influencers! If you want a higher audience engagement, they do the job for you. Micro-influencers for health & wellness brands stand true to their brands. They create content that resonates with their followers’ interests and encourages them to engage with it. They rally around the brands and successfully build a community around them.   

  1. Educating the influencers

When collaborating with influencers, make sure to educate them about your brand and products. Offer them free products to test and use. Knowing your products helps your influencers to create natural content like product demo and use-cases. They promote it better by answering the queries of their followers.

  1. Creating authentic content

Content created by influencers has a better reach than that by brands. The reason is simple. Influencers know their followers’ preferences. Give content liberty to your influencers or co-create content with them. Then, the influencers craft authentic content that resonates with the audience and doesn’t look forced like the brand ads.   

  1. Partnering for long-term growth

Do not make influencer marketing a one-time collaboration. Instead, nurture a long-term relationship with your influencers. Reward them by sending goodies and inviting them to events and product launches. Their content speaks of the level of familiarity and bonding they develop with your brand.  

  1. Consistent user engagement

User-generated content builds brand credibility and improves authority in website rankings. Engage with users by replying to their comments. Run contests and giveaways through influencer marketing. The more you encourage users to engage with your brand, the more new followers and sales you gain.

  1. Empowering fans for brand success

Influencer marketing gets new followers and loyal customers. These are the ones who follow the health & wellness tips. Show some love to your customers by sharing their posts on your social media account. By empowering your fans, you elevate their voices and build genuine brand advocacy. 

  1. Analyzing the campaign results

Measuring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like the impressions, new followers, user engagement, and website traffic from influencer referral links is a must to measure the success of influencer marketing. Boost the campaign that is giving you good results.   

  1. Embrace evolving interests

The health & wellness industry is highly dynamic and ever-evolving. The hottest trends of today may be obsolete tomorrow. Brands have to sustain their momentum by launching new products. Aggressive marketing by collaborating with influencers helps the product to get noticed, thus boosting sales.

In A Nutshell

Stop wondering if hiring influencers is going to make any positive brand impact on your customers. It is time to get rid of all the apprehensions and try influencer marketing. Thousands of brands, today, owe their online success to influencer marketing campaigns. If you haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, it is high time for you to start and witness your brand growth through influencers.

And if you are still confused about finding relevant influencers or designing effective campaigns, the influencer marketing platform has your back. It helps you find the right influencer and also designs campaigns. Hire the services of a reliable influencer marketing platform today, and your health and wellness e-commerce brand is sure to get traction and sales.   

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