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A Step-By-Step Guide To Do Dye Sublimation On A Mug

Dye-sublimation printing is not only for apparel but is also good for the customization of mugs. You can print your memories or anything else you want on your mug. 

Many people are curious to know the process involved in printing a mug. Want to know the steps involved in dye-sublimation printing a mug? Read the following steps and learn more about the dye sublimation printing process.  

Arrange Necessary Supplies

 You should make sure that you have what you need. While doing dye sublimation printing, you need some tools, equipment, and ink. You have to make arrangements of the inkjet printer with sublimation ink, graphic art software, sublimation paper, mug heat, pair of scissors, knife, ruler, blank sublimation cup, and heat tape. 

All professionals have top-notch supplies to complete the printing process. For instance, dye sublimation printing Edmonton contractors have all the necessary supplies to efficiently complete printing tasks.

Create A Template

You must have a design that you want to print on the mug. You can download it online and you can also create your design. Whether you download it or create the design, you have to convert the design into a digital one. 

After creating the design, it is imperative to make sure that it is a perfect fit for your mug. You should compare the print area of the mug with the size of the design. 

Measuring will give you the right idea of whether it is good for printing on a mug or not. In case, you are printing cups for brand promotion purposes, then it is important to find out where to place the brand logo.

While placing the logo, we recommend you position it in such a way that it is visible to the person who is holding the mug. You should always keep in mind that there should be a proper gap between text and graphics. 

Approximately 2.55 mm gap is recommended so that your design looks attractive. If you are not good at designing, then leave this task to professionals. The professional designer will help to complete the task without any problem.

Print Out Your Artwork

If you are happy with your design, then you should take a printout of your artwork. You should take a print on the sublimation paper. Make sure you use a good-quality sublimation paper to obtain the desired results. 

When you have good quality sublimation paper, then a lot of ink is not required to make a print. If you obtained a washed-out picture on the sublimation paper, then don’t worry because it is going to be okay on your mug. Take scissors and cut out your design with a knife and ruler.

Transfer Image On Mug

Now, it is time to transfer the image to your mug. We know that mugs are tapered and that’s why we have to make two cuts in the middle of the paper. These cuts will make sure that there will be no problem while wrapping the designs around the mug. 

While sticking paper on the mug, you should make sure that the image is facing toward the mug. With the help of cuts, you can easily adjust the center. Placing sublimation paper on the mug is very difficult. Therefore, you have to do this task with attention. Once you have applied it to the mug properly, apply heat tapes to hold the paper in place.

Setting On Mug Press

When you have properly placed the design on the mug, then move to the next step. In this step, you have to adjust the pressure setting on the mug press. You can vary the pressure from medium to heavy as per requirement. 

You have to precisely adjust the pressure setting of the mug press is that when you clap the mug in it, then the image should be transferred over the mug. 

The mug press contains silicone and Teflon rubber backing which help in maintaining the required pressure. It is difficult to do this and that’s why we recommend you to take the help of professionals like dye sublimation Edmonton

Release The Pressure

Along with pressure setting, you also have to do time setting. You have to set the time for which the pressure is to be applied for transferring the design from the paper to the mug. Once the time is up and pressure is released, then you have to remove the mug from the handle. 

The mug will be hot and you have to remove it carefully. You have to remove heat tape and take off paper smoothly. It is so because the mug is heat and ink is not in a solid-state.

Keep Mug Aside

Take your printed mug and put it aside on a heatproof surface. Leave your cup there for some time so that it cools down. If you have done everything properly, then you will enjoy the results. The printed design on the mug will be amazing and as per your expectations.



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