Having a tough time styling your thin hair or control your hair loss? Well,  wigs are the best solution to style your hair in any way and any style you want. Among all the wigs, the virgin deep wave wig hair is the finest wigs in the market. It is 100% natural human hair with tons of buyers from all over the world. But what if you crave to straighten body wave wig? So, read further and find out about how to naturally straighten body wave wig. See the guides below and safely do it yourself!

Body Wave Hair? What Is It?

You can elegantly style the wigs in any way you want!

Body wave hair closure wigs are the gorgeous kind of wigs, and they look fashionable. It has big curls on the lower part of the hair, adding so much texture to the wig. The top part of the hair is usually straight and smooth. Through it you can have various trendy hairstyles. The entire curls start from the lower section of the wig and stray till the end of the wig. Body wave hair wig is one of the wigs that many people choose as it is made with human hair and feels original to touch. You can even try out the 613 blonde straight closure bob with this hair wig.

Can It Be Straightened?

Achieve your dream hair  by straightening your hair.

Have you always had the urge to straighten your body wave human hair wig? Well, if the question about straightening your hair ever wanders through your brain about being able to straighten body wave wig, then the answer is yes. The body wave hair wig is also one of the finest qualities of body wave hair, as it can be straightened and crimp into small curls. Not only that, you can color the hair into any color that you like or a straight closure bob, and it will look natural and beautiful. However, there are some safe guides to help you do it adequately and not ruin your wig.

Step 1: Keep Your Straightener In Medium Heat

Remember to keep your flat iron on medium heat!

The foremost thing you have to do to straighten your virgin deep wave closure wig hair is to keep the flat iron in the accurate heat. It should neither be too low as it will not straighten your hair properly nor too hot as it can burn your hair and cause damage to it. So you have to keep it in the middle for smooth and damage-free straightened hair.

Step 2: Wash It!

Untangle your hair wig and keep it clean and sleek!

This part is one of the most important as you have to do it properly. Ensure that your body wave hair is smooth, clean, and tangle-free. While washing it, you can use a shampoo and gently untangle your hair with the help of your fingers. You can even add some conditioner to protect your virgin deep wave wig.


Step 3: Air-Dry

Don’t rub or be harsh on your hair, gently soak up all the water!

After washing your virgin deep wave wig, soak the water into a towel. Please don’t use a blow dryer to dry your wig; let it stand on a wig stand and air dry it. You have to do this step because you don’t want your wig to be heated too much. Otherwise, it will damage the texture of the wig and make it frizzy. So air-drying your wig is the best solution for that.

Step 4: Spray Heat Protectant

Never forget to use heat protectant spray before straightening your hair wig.

On this step, after having your wig washed and air-dried. You have to apply the heat protectant spray. The heat protectant spray will help your wig from heat damage from straightening or using a flat iron. Spray the heat protectant evenly to every side of the wig and let it sit for a minute. Get a straight closure bob wig if you are not so confident in doing it yourself.

Step 5: Straighten Your Body Wave Hair

xMindfully straighten your hair and flaunt with the style you have created.

Now, it is time for the long-awaited step. It’s time to straighten body wave wig. Pick a section of your hair and straighten it. Please don’t press it too much and keep the heat in the same place for a long time. Gently and mindfully, using a flat iron, straighten the section of the hair that you have picked to do it first. After doing so, check if it’s straightened and follow this procedure until the rest of the body wave hair is straightened. If you still feel unsure about it, always purchase the 613 blonde straight closure bob wig!

Step 6: Use Hairspray!

Follow the procedures correctly and walk flawlessly among the crowds.

If you have followed the right procedure and the steps till now, it’s time to use hairspray. You have to use hairspray because it will keep the straightened hair in place. You don’t have to straighten your hair over again as it will be set and ready to wear anytime you want to wear it. Also, it will help from damaging your body wave hair from overheating it. So, a hairspray at the last step is a must!

Having the original human hair for your body wave hair wig can be a good choice. You can do almost anything with this hair; you can either straighten it, curl it, or color it however you like. You can make a great hairstyle with this body wave hair, and it won’t be damaged at all. Keep in mind to follow certain steps and guides to refrain from damaging it. So, follow these guidelines and make your kind of beauty!

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