Ad Mediation Platform: Features to Consider Before Choose it

How to choose Ad Mediation platform

Mediation platform centralizes access to multiple ad networks in one SDK integration, leveraging an optimization algorithm to determine which mediated ad network can fill the app developer’s inventory with the highest CPM. The digital marketing’s world around us is consistently evolving and bringing the best solutions to digital problems.

The smartphone industry is doing great, the internet is booming,
mobile apps are flourishing and so are the mobile app monetization platforms. With
smartphone users surpassing 6 billion in recent times, mobile apps are highly in
demand. According to Statista, there were 2,797,581 mobile apps published on Google
Play in September 2021. On the other side, apps published on Apple Apps tore
surpassed 2,226,823 during the first quarter of 2021.
With thousands of mobile apps rolling out each month, publishers look for creative new
ways to monetize their apps. As a result, mobile app monetization strategies have also
changed over the years. Despite all the changes, in-app advertising still rules all mobile
app monetization models. The reason? Convenience, demand and results that every
publisher wants.
To monetize mobile apps, a publisher needs to partner up with an Ad Network or an Ad
Mediation Platform. A mobile ad network will connect app publishers to advertisers just
like a bridge. An ad network manages the demand and supply of in-app ads by fetching

them when an ad call is generated. A mediation platform, on the other hand, works in a
similar manner but with a little twist.

Role of Ad Mediation Platform in In-App Advertising

Ad mediation platforms enable in-app advertising by connecting publishers to the top
mobile ad networks. These platforms are developed to only fetch ads from the highest
paying ad networks on the list. An ad mediation platform’s role is to bring in the highest
eCPMs and maintain an ideal fill rate.
But how to choose the right ad mediation platform to monetize your mobile app? What
are the key features and how to pick one?
Features to Consider Before Choosing an Ad Mediation Platform
There are some key features that you as an app publisher must consider before
choosing an ad mediation platform. These include:

Mediation Models Offered:

As mentioned above, ad mediation platforms currently offer two common models of
mediation. One is the waterfall mediation and the other is the in-app bidding model.
An ad mediation platform offering the waterfall model aligns the partnered ad networks
in a list. The highest paying ad network is added on the top while others are aligned in
descending order. Once an ad call is generated, it reaches the waterfall with the help of
the ad mediation platform. If the ad network listed on top fails to answer the ad call and
serve an ad, it is directed to other ad networks listed below. The ad call keeps moving
lower and lower into the waterfall unless it is answered by an ad network and an ad is
successfully served.
Ad mediation platforms offering in-app bidding work in a little different way. In this case,
when an ad call reaches the ad networks’ side, the ad networks bid for the available slot
in real-time. This means only the ad network offering the highest eCPM will be given the
chance to serve the ad. This exclusively provides greater revenue for app publishers to
Some ad mediation platforms offer either one of the two mentioned models or both. It is
essential for app publishers to pick the platform that offers what fits their needs the best

User Experience

Not all ad mediation platforms are easy to use. This is a sad truth but unfortunately, app
publishers have to deal with it. App publishers must choose ad mediation platforms that
provide a top-notch user experience. From integration of the SDK to set up waterfalls,
everything should be super easy. An app publisher must not feel lost while logging into
the ad mediation platform but needs to feel at home.

Flexible SDK Integration:

Can an app publisher compromise on its app’s performance for the sake of
monetization? Absolutely not! Thus, one must pick an ad mediation platform that offers
a stable, easy to integrate lightweight SDK. App publishers must look around and
investigate a platform’s SDK reputation. Heavy SDKs often slow down mobile apps and
cause lagging.

Ad Networks Available:

Ad mediation platforms need to offer a solid list of top mobile ad networks for
publishers. These ad networks must be highest paying and performance-driven. The
better the list of ad networks being offered, the better the ad mediation platform’s
performance. An ideal fill rate can only be achieved when the ad mediation platform is
partnered up with quality ad networks.

Analytics and Reporting:

A good ad mediation platform must provide granular analytics and real-time reporting of
revenue gain and app performance. Data is surely the backbone of mobile app
and needs to be handled efficiently. Whether for representation to
optimization, an ad mediation platform must provide real-time around the clock. The
date breakdowns have equal and critical importance in sorting out app performance and
monetization drives.

Advanced Features:

The world of mobile is growing big and evolving with each passing day. Things in the
mobile industry have changed over time. The IDFA changes by Apple recently took the
in-app advertising industry by storm. After which the mobile advertisers became
skeptical about whether to invest in mobile advertising or not. This is when many ad
mediation platforms came up with solutions to make ads more relevant. An app
publisher must analyses if the ad mediation platform is ready to evolve and grow over

Will the platform bring up solutions to novel digital problems of the mobile advertising
world while making monetization hassle-free? All this must be considered before opting
for one.


An app publisher might be an expert in mobile app monetization and have all the
capabilities to run an ad mediation platform. But what if an unknown error occurs? Your
eCMPs start to decline unexpectedly? This is when you will need real-time assistance.
Thus, while opting for an ad mediation platform, one must look around and evaluate its
technical support. App publishers deserve all the attention and assistance, therefore,
active technical is a must!


Ad mediation platforms play a vital role in monetizing mobile apps for publishers.
Choosing the best ad mediation platform can be a hassle but it is not impossible. This
article must have helped you evaluate ad mediation platforms before picking them. So
go on now and enjoy your search for the best ad mediation platform in town.

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