Valley of flowers trek is one of the most trending treks especially for nature beauties. It is standing as a witness for nature aroma which is beholding outstanding. Valley of flowers trek pinned in Uttarakhand. Nature lovers can mix their enthusiasm here with the nature and ahead trekking trails. The entire trek path is really attractive, making wheels to your legs to trek all around. Your dream of visiting all magical wonders along with snowcapped mountains, abundant flora and fauna etc. of nature will come true. Nestled with most stunning places like Govind hat, forests of alpine plantations etc. Valley of flowers trek is also a heritage site of UNESCO, maintained by the central government. You must feel it as a mystical destination spot during your vacation here.

How To Reach

Haridwar is the highlighted and Nearby place where your arrival takes place to reach the valley of flowers trek. Jolly Grant airport is pinned 36 kms away from haridwar. Well connected with national and international airports like New Delhi. Cabs are available from there to reach you at Haridwar. or else railway service stations are available to reach Haridwar. Or else choose a bike trip via National highways l 58 which reaches you straight to Haridwar. Haridwar is well connected to all the roads and transportation services.

Base Camp

The initial point of heading valley of flowers trek base camp starts from Haridwar. Although Govind hat is having the main face name of the starting point of base Camp. After all, crossovers of journeys you’ll be stunned by the initially introduced towns, the locals, their affection and the summary of the valley of flowers trek really mesmerized. Alaknanda river is the last point for religious places during trekking periods. Before all, Badrinath and Hemkund Sahib are the Pilgrimage tourist’s places. Valley of flowers trek standing at an elevation of 1828 meters. Recently, unfortunately Govind ghat was destroyed as this was flooded away because of flash floods. Somehow, the original shine of the Govind hat remained. This historical town remains open from May to October. Winters are inactive for allowing visits.

Best Season To Visit

Valley of flowers is the national park which allows entry at the time of 7.00 AM every day and closes the entries at exactly 2.00 PM. All the entries should return by the time of 5.00 PM. Although the valley is stunning during the months of May, June and September. But the large number of flowers which are mostly preferred in the months of July and August. So, it is better to do the valley of flowers trek during June and August.

About The Locals

The locals around the trek and surroundings are most welcoming and warm hearted. Around Haridwar the locals are religious and prayerful. You can observe the historical and ancient traditions and cultures which are stuck over there and standing as a witness for the great history it bagged. This was a place nestled with fascinating natural beauties and rivers, streams, mountains and flora and fauna. The locals all are friendly and acquainted people.

Things To Carry

  1. Durable good-quality trekking shoes which are well suitable for the trekking path.
  2. Camping shoes for crossing streams as many streams are behold there.
  3. Thick woolen socks if available as double layered socks.
  4. Thermal innerwear to resist yourself from the temperatures offered there.
  5. Heavy fleece clothes for stays and trekking periods.
  6. A Torch light for nights, A Whistle
  7. Plastic covers to store used/wet clothing
  8. Winter jacket and waterproof coat
  9. Trekking pants
  10. Woolen cap, gloves, etc.
  11. Sunglasses to resist your eyes from sun rays.
  12. Sun screen lotion and other toiletries for your skin not to be affected by nature.
  13. Water bottle, Trekking pole
  14. Quality First aid kit
  15. Personal medication According to your requirements and health issues.
  16. Swiss knife used during trekking.


Haridwar – Haridwar is a religious pilgrimage place. According to Hindu mythology, Haridwar is standing one among seven pristine temples. Haridwar is one of the sacred pristine temples with holy water Ganga River. Many of the devotee’s praise to forgive their sins by drowning themselves into the Ganga River water.

Ghangaria – Ghangaria is a village settled at the banks of Lakshman Ganga. It is also known as Govind dam. This place is enlightened with wild flowers and lush green meadows. A best pilgrimage site. Himalayan birds are visualized here.

Hemkund – Hemkund is a religious place which is having glacial lakes and seven mountain ranges which are bargaining the elevation of 4329 meters. The name itself saying hem stands for Snow and kund stands for Bowl. A famous Sikh pilgrimage it is. This place is overwhelmed with cold and sacred water. Thick forests and attractive waterfalls are well visualizing

Valley of Flowers – Valley of flowers is a national park which is fond of wide varieties of flora and fauna. A best spot for the photographers, botanists, and adventurous seekers etc. Overwhelmed with a wide variety of flora and fauna.


Day 1: Head to Haridwar to Joshimath which is 1,874 m.

Day 2:  Head Joshimath to Govindghat, covered distance is 1,828 m. Later the trek to Ghangaria was a 14 kms trek.

Day 3:  Continue your trek from Ghangaria to HemkundTrek of 7 kms.

Day 4: Later ahed to Valley of flowers trek and returned back to Ghangaria.

Day 5: Trek from Ghangaria to Govindghat and to Badrinath.

Day 6: Head from joshimath to Haridwar.

Tips And Tricks

You need to start hydrating yourselves before two days of trekking and the intake of water needs to be high.

You are best suggestable by maintaining the shoes which are larger than half of your regular shoe size. So that during trekking you’ll feel comfortable. To get rid of having blisters, sore fingers, maintain two layered socks.

Among two layered socks, a nylon layer followed by Turkish socks are suggested.

Carrying plastic waterproof materials while you are carrying mobiles and cameras are highly recommended.

While trekking individually, group or with others, never try to walk too fast, just maintain the natural rhythm of your walking tone.

To prevent this excessive production of heat, sweat, maintain a windcheater with you.


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