Airbnb Alternatives for Property Owners: Airbnb is a jackpot for some homeowners. The platform includes a slew of benefits, like unique property management systems, global visibility for your property, flexible availability, and extremely personalised hosting experiences.

However, how do you increase your property’s visibility on additional property management platforms/listing platforms like Airbnb? Or, more likely, do you wish to forgo Airbnb entirely?

Your motivations may vary: a desire to diversify your booking channels in order to expand your reach, a desire to obtain better commission rates, frustrations with Airbnb, Brexit…

Regardless of your motivation, there are alternatives to Airbnb.

In this post, we’ll look specifically at vacation rental services similar to Airbnb that can also provide you with the necessary head start. And we’ll save your time by comparing and analysing several of them.

Although there are several little websites similar to Airbnb, let’s have a look at some popular Airbnb competitors for property owners that offer comparable property management features and then the same top-notch, safe, and seamless booking experience. You should considerable things which you should know before investing in the real estate.

For property owners, here is the greatest Airbnb alternatives

All of the listing platforms in this series will assist you in renting out any form of accommodation, from furnished rentals to shared basement rooms to motorhomes, RVs, and campgrounds.

Additionally, some of the services listed below, unlike Airbnb, do not support shared rooms, which means that certain websites may be inaccessible to some of you.


Booking(dot)com is the first winner, owing to its widespread popularity with budget and corporate tourists alike. Individuals may find a place to stay anywhere around the world, as has over a million accommodations available.

Booking. Om’s browsing, search, and booking experiences are unmatched, since the website is entirely optimised for mobile bookings and performs flawlessly. Additionally, it manages many search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, which helps your property show in front of a larger target audience.

As a user of their service, you receive a great deal of freedom and flexibility: you may remove the property whenever you want, you can avoid charging travellers additional platform costs, you can use their screenings tool to detect problematic or violent guests, and many more options.

Unlike Airbnb, accepts instant bookings, which eliminates the need for guests to wait for approval. This also implies that you must maintain an up-to-date availability schedule and inventory (although this is largely automated). charges property owners a fee for each booking (up to 15 percent). You are free to price your property on a per-night, per-guest, or per-stay basis. Additionally, the platform establishes some specific conditions for you to meet, such as uploading photographs, including a minimum number of facilities, and stating your cancellation policy.

Additionally, there are numerous advantages and bonuses for frequent passengers (for example, the Genius programme), which translates into more loyal clients for you in the long run.

2. HomeAway (together with VRBO,, and other similar sites)

HomeAway offers nearly identical tools, services, and regulations for renting out your properties to Airbnb. For tourists, it’s also one of the most dependable sources for booking accommodations with an excellent user experience.

It offers over one million properties in 190 countries, making it an extremely tempting option for tourists looking for a diverse selection of residences. Rather than sharing lodgings, the marketplace focuses on self-contained rentals such as vacation homes, villas, and condos.

To list your property on this site, you must pay a yearly or per-booking charge, which varies according to the property’s components and tax rules in your region.

With regards to the base property rate that you can establish for your home, HomeAway provides an excellent tool for setting tiered pricing prices based on dates or unique durations while remaining in calendar mode. So guests should review property owners and their behaviour. The review method for hosts and guests is identical to that of Airbnb.

3. Homestay

Unlike, Homestay allows you to enjoy a similar personal hosting experience to that of Airbnb, as you will be obliged to share your own homestay. You cannot list a whole lodging on our site; rather, you must divide your space with travellers.

Tourists, business travellers, interns, students, and volunteers are the most frequent guests.

Homestay operates in a manner quite similar to Airbnb in terms of booking — guests submit a booking request, which must be confirmed (or declined). The guest is then required to pay a 15% booking charge to the platform. You are paid the whole amount you set: a guest may pay a deposit in advance online or the full amount upon arrival (or in advance using preferred payment options).

As you’ve seen, platform costs are levied against a guest, not you.

Additionally, you’ll need to maintain constant communication with your guests in order to agree on a payment mechanism (Payoneer, PayPal, direct bank transfer). Travelers can reserve stays on a nightly, weekly, or monthly basis.

Due to the platform’s support for iCal, you can sync your bookings with Airbnb and other online travel agencies (OTAs), allowing you to promote your property on several platforms while avoiding overbooking.

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