Marketing is one of the best methods which a company can adopt to promote their products or services. Under the marketing umbrella, there are several types that can be used as per the business requirements. These different types make it easy for the business to reach their desired client or customer through various mediums. Some of the names in the list of marketing types are traditional marketing, outbound marketing, inbound marketing, digital marketing, search engine marketing, Influencer Marketing, and many others.

It is hard to explain each marketing type in a single article, so we have chosen Influencer Marketing for this article. We are going to share a brief about the type and what tactics can be used to get the best results. So without any further delay, let’s first take a look at the brief about Influencer Marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the method that companies use to promote their products. In this product promotion process, the company uses influencers as an intermediate body to promote it through their social media handles or websites. Most of the time influencer marketing is a part of a brand awareness campaign that results in increasing conversions and sales.

This marketing technique wasn’t there since the beginning. In 2006 the technique was introduced and since then it has been growing as the users on social media platforms and the internet are growing. At the beginning of the era of the influencer, everyone used to work on their blogs as social media as a platform didn’t get much popularity.  Back in 2010, Instagram fell into the social media platforms list and since then everything has started to change.

Today there are numerous micro-influencers who are struggling to gain followers and fan base. Influencers are basically people who interact with their large audience by their specific type of work. For example, a fashion influencer will provide content majorly on fashion as the audience wants to watch fashion posts, stories, and other content. Depending on the niche the company chooses influencers that can help the product to reach the desired audience.

The effectiveness of influencer marketing depends on the technique that you are using along with the tactics. To help you with that we are going to share some of the best tactics that you can adopt for enhancing your brand’s presence.

Top Influencer Marketing Tactics to Improve Brand Presence

Here are some of the best tactics to adopt so that you get desired results for all your efforts.

1.   Involve Influencer during the Product Launch

Product launch is among the most important promotional activities that can help you increase the brand presence in the market. Using the conventional marketing strategy companies collaborated with celebrities to promote their products. This collaboration technique helped the company to grow their business but for far better results you can try collaborating with Influencers.

The reason why collaborating with influencers is better than collaborating with celebrities is that celebrities have followers from various interests whereas the influencers target a specific niche. In a research study, it was found that people prefer to purchase a product endorsed by a non-celebrity rather than a celebrity.  So you should always consider influencers when trying to improve brand awareness or during product launches. Other than this during product launches, you can also use email management tools to reach out to potential customers effectively.

2.   Finding the Influencers Who Love your Brand

Influencers keep on showing the products they use or the products that they wish to use. Keeping track of their activity you can find out where their interest lies. Out of the many influencers, you can find some who wish to collaborate with you or who like your products. These influencers will be happy to work for their favorite brands.

These Influencers can add value to your campaign and improve the brand presence. You can look for such influencers and collaborate with them on median grounds. The reason why we are focusing on the influencers who already like your brands is that they have already promoted your product which viewers liked. So by offering a collaboration opportunity you will be targeting the audience which is looking for the exact products. This strategy will eventually help you in growing the campaign and generating better ROI.

3.   Encourage Creativity from Influencers

Just collaborating with the influencer is not enough as after collaboration the main task starts. Creativity or the pattern which an influencer follows in order to share posts or stories for the viewers makes a huge difference. You need to provide the influencer with the relevant data that they can use and the rest is upto them. Let them create according to their style with the freedom to create absolutely anything.

There are many benefits of offering freedom to influencers. Some of them include less workload on the design and strategy team, less time-consuming process, and desired output. Once you have shared the idea of content with the relevant data, your work is done now the influencer will create the best according to the audience’s interest.

4.   Build a Long Term Relation

Having a long-term relationship is always better than having a short-term relationship. In order to get better results from the campaign and promotion, you need to keep investing in the process for a longer duration. Sometimes, you don’t get the desired result on the first attempt but that doesn’t mean that you would not get it in the long run as well.

Other than just the influencer there can be many other aspects that can affect the result of the campaign. So you need to always take the relationship on a long-term basis. Apart from all the benefits, being associated with the influencer in the long term will result in getting new viewers or potential customers.

5.   Find Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are the creators which have a lesser number of followers but better engagement on the content. These influencers can help you in improving the brand presence and conversion. People tend to purchase more from the content of micro-influencers than the influencers. During a study, it was found that 82% of people are more likely to follow a micro-influencers recommendation.

It is observed that micro-influencers are better at building connections with their audience as they have a smaller set of audiences as compared to the influencers. Collaborating with micro-influencers can be a great tactic to adapt as it will help you in improving presence and conversion at a very low cost.

Final Words

Influencer marketing is growing because it offers better targeting of the target audience with improving conversion rates. It is the best marketing strategy for every brand. The best part about influencer marketing is it is cheaper as compared to celebrity endorsements and offers better results. To help you build an effective influencer marketing campaign you can consider the above-mentioned tactics. These are basic yet very effective tactics that you can adopt. We hope that these tactics will be helpful for you in creating a great influencer marketing campaign and get desired outcomes.

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