Tips To Save Money on Travel

I’m the kind of person who likes to save while walking, so I also share a little bit of my experience here, and I hope to communicate with you. I also hope that everyone can summarize more money-saving strategies.


The first is to stagger the tourist peaks. As far as China’s current National Day is concerned, peak travel is purely for people, and it doesn’t matter if you like the excitement, or you just spend money to buy it. In fact, the staggered peak does not mean that you must go when no one is going, but that you should go when you don’t have a different taste. At that time, maybe more people like your travel guides notes.

Choosing the right means of transportation, when talking about peak shifts, in fact, a lot of consumption will be low when shifting peaks. Even our choice of airplane is sometimes cheaper than train, so choosing a more suitable mode of transportation may save both time and economic costs.

If you want to buy things cheaply, go to the supermarket. Generally, supermarkets clearly mark the price and the price is relatively more reasonable. So sometimes if you want to save money, you can go to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities and food on the road in case you need to go to the supermarket. This can save some expenses, especially long-distance travel. Don’t miss using Travelodge discount code and Travelodge discount code NHS

Don’t buy some so-called specialty products in scenic spots. Many scenic spots are now homogenized and commercialized seriously. Many so-called specialty products are bought online and then resold, or just produced and put on a brand of specialty products. In fact, many specialty products can be bought online, and others can complain if the quality is not good, but you can’t find anyone to complain after you buy it.

Book in advance, many accommodations are booked in advance and have a discount. Especially during peak periods, the risk of others sitting on the ground and raising prices is eliminated.

Now some online app bookings often have discounts, so you can keep a few when you travel.

Make some friends during the trip, in addition to hitchhiking. Sometimes the cost of spending together will be lower. For example, in some shops, people can talk about prices and it is not easy to be slaughtered.

Don’t buy things in the most expensive places. In fact, many attractions are routines. For example, things on the top of the mountain must be the most expensive, and things with good locations are expensive. These can’t be changed, so you can prepare yourself. Otherwise, it’s my fault to complain that others are expensive at that time.

Try not to eat in the scenic area. There will be a big gap between consumption inside the scenic area and outside the scenic area even if it is separated by a wall. So arrange your time reasonably, and some even bring some dry food, which will save you a lot of expenses. Of course, I am used to traveling poorly, and there is no need for everything to be so shabby when traveling.

Don’t be greedy for petty bargains, sometimes petty bargains suffer big losses. Because many scams use this kind of psychology, so beware of this when you are away. Super low-priced tour group shopping scams, and some fake specialty products are all routines, so sometimes you have to control your own hands.


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