Best treks to do in Bangalore

Best treks to do in Bangalore: Trekking means to go to a mountainous region or other natural places which requires huge energy and determination to reach the goal.Best treks to do in Bangalore is one of the best places for trekking in India which create and connect humans with nature. This connection is mostly done with the daring people who merge themselves with the fear. As the fear of death blows out , the performance and spirit level increase. This results in the overall development and growth towards the goal. you should must know about the Top Ten Treks in India to spend your holidays.

Bangalore is the most facilitated place in India which has a variety of flora and fauna , lakes, rivers, mountains and other natural environments . This helps tourism to connect with nature and create connections with nature.  Blue sky with green leaves and roughly tracks are all the natural scenes which help to get over the tempting and alluring way through the goal.

Trekking is a fantastic way to stay in shape, size, figure , and the scenes that one receives at the end of his trip are  tempting and amazing. Furthermore, Best treks to do in Bangalore is fortunate to have several trekking sites within as well as outside the city, making for a fantastic one-day or two-day walk. These treks also range in difficulty from simple to moderate to challenging, so you may pick one that suits your fitness level. The ideal time to go on these hikes is generally between September and March. So, the next time you need a break from your daily grind, visit one of these one-day hiking locations near Bangalore for a rejuvenating experience. You can also check the 2 Best Places to Visit in Kasol as well.

The most tempting and Best treks to do in Bangalole are as follows-

Devarayanadurga Hill

Best treks to do in Bangalore is Devarayanadurga which is a rocky terrain hill located around 70 kilometers from Bangalore, near Tumkur. The rocky hills are encircled by forest and lush foliage, providing a breathtaking perspective of the valley below. The hilltops, which stand at an elevation of 1204 meters, are dotted with temples, the most renowned of which are the Yoga Narasimha and Bhoga Narasimha temples. Many people hike from the Bhoganarasimha temple at the base of the mountain to the Yoganarasimha temple at the summit. Furthermore, this location is a renowned tourist attraction and one of the greatest one-day hiking locations near Bangalore.

Makalidurga- Against Hillock

This is a trekking place which is away from bangalore for about 75 kilometers. It is considered as the toughest trekking in bangalore as it requires huge energy, power as well as strength to conqueror. The way is very disturb with bounded lands and wild shrubs which cause difficulty while trekking. It has a curvy site and roads which create tramps like structures. But the serene views of makalidurga allure a lot. The landscapes from the hill also look beautiful and enticing. The photos from the hills look stunning. In fact photographers will love to  trek over here.

Madhugiri Trekking

It is an exclusive trekking spot in Bangalore. It is considered as one of the most offbeat  spots for trekking. This is the second largest monolithic rock after Savanagiri. This trek requires almost two hour of continuous trek which creates a challenging game. It is a moderate level of trekking with high strength. As soon as one reaches the peak of the hill, the architectural ruins of Gopalkrishna are worth exploring. The scenes are alluring and tempting. Infact one can feel that he can touch the sky from the peak of the hill.

Channarayana Durga

The hill fort of Channarayana Durga is around 100 kilometers from Bangalore. Channarayana Durga, at 1138 meters above sea level, offers a breathtaking vista from the summit. Furthermore, there are a few temples and historic structures to visit at the fort at the summit. The Channarayana Durga climb is a moderately difficult hike that takes about half a day to complete, including exploring the fort at the summit.

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Anthargange, a renowned tourist site near Bangalore with religious significance, is a popular tourist destination. The Anthargange caverns and temple are well-known in this area. In addition, the caverns offer a fantastic chance for trekkers. The caverns are also approximately an hour’s walk from the Anthargange temple, which is nestled in dense forest towards the hill’s base. Several tourists make the journey up the hill to camp for the night.


From the above passage we can see that Bangalore is a huge trekking spot where one can find a large number of trekking places that connect with nature. People all over the world come to Bangalore in order to experience the thrill and joy of happiness at these places. These create excitement and enjoy life with the loved ones.

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