Likewise, it is a dream of every digital marketer to make money while sleeping. As a result, affiliate marketing has become a profitable financial business over the years, and now digital marketers are racing to ace affiliate marketing. 

Building a website is easy; it is also of utmost importance to run the website as it will be the face of your organization. 

As an affiliate marketer, you have the liberty to function your website as per your wish. Still, moreover, you need to realize that whatever you promote or show people on your website should positively impact them.

This guide will help you build an affiliate website with minimal investment. 

Before we get started, let us know the following three things you need to write in your affiliate blog. 

  • Identifying niche 

Niche identification is the stepping stone of your affiliate marketing journey. However, you cannot master selling every product to the audience.

For instance, if your niche is women-dominated, you should promote products related to women like makeup brands, diet products, etc.

Niche plays an important factor in determining the type of audience you want to reach. So, make sure you pick the right niche for your affiliate marketing blog. 

  • Look out for profitable affiliate programs 

The world of affiliate marketing has seamless opportunities. You need to find a profitable affiliate program to earn a handsome commission. 

Several affiliate programs give the profitable commission, and the AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program is a good choice to go with. Their commission rates start from $25 and go upto $200 for each sale. Additionally, you can also make a PPC commission from this web hosting affiliate program. By joining such a program, you can earn a commission 3X faster.

  • Explore keywords

Exploring keywords is vital in making your niche strong. Once you are done choosing your relevant niche, go on to find keywords relevant to your niche. 

Keywords make your content rank on SERPs or search engine result pages. As a result, you will eventually get more click rates and open rates. 

Steps to build an affiliate website in minimal investment.

Choose a domain name

A domain name reflects your niche. So, choose a domain name as your brand identity. You can also choose your brand name as a domain name if you own the brand, thus making it easy for the audience to reach you. 

Keep the domain name simple and subtle. A complex domain name creates less intrigue amongst the audience. Also, make sure that there is no spelling error in the domain name. 

When choosing a domain name for your affiliate website, do not rely too much on trends because trends do not last long. Instead, keep your domain name precise, easy, and memorable — for instance,  

Pick a hosting provider 

The next thing you should look for is a reliable hosting provider to host your blogging website. Although several hosting providers in the market offer cheap hosting, try to choose a company that offers cheap hosting as well as quality service. 

Install wordpress

WordPress is the most preferred content management system used by bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers, start-ups. You can opt for AccuWeb Hosting WordPress hosting plan to get started. 

When writing content in your affiliate marketing website, install WordPress with just one click. With WordPress, you can generate extra income in affiliate marketing. 

Install themes and plugins

WordPress themes and plugins are highly recommendable as they come with advanced features that make your affiliate website look more professional. 

Themes and plugins will make your content engaging and attractive. WordPress has an ocean of themes and plugins; you need to pick the best out of it based on your niche, interest, and targeted audience. 

You can also do A/B testing when you install themes and plugins. Look out for audiences’ feedback, opinions and make relevant changes required. 

Review blog  

Once you are done with your content, the review is most important. Make sure that there is no grammatical error in the content and it reflects your niche very well. 

You must write creative content that encloses all the information relevant to the brand you promote, and at the same time, it is eye-catching. 

Reviewing means you have left no stone unturned while presenting the content to the audience. 

Add coupons, offers, deals

An affiliate marketing strategy that you can use very well in your affiliate website is adding coupons, deals, offers to increase sales, and getting yourself decent commissions. A blogger should use main ideas to make money from blogging.

Coupons offers, deals can be a valuable asset for your affiliate website. Customers have to wait in line for discounts and deals when they get everything in just one place. 

You can take the help of graphics to make coupons, offers, deals more eye-catching and enticing.

Site optimization to boost commissions

To ensure that your affiliate website runs smoothly, you can perform site optimization. Site optimization improves traffic, conversion, open, CTR, and site usability. 

Website optimization is also vital for a better user experience. It increases SEO ranks, thus making the content more authentic.   

With website optimization, you can create brand awareness and reach many people through relevant and creative content. In addition, site optimization lets you earn a handsome ROI. 

Rankings are essential for your website as people search pages having good ranks on search engine pages. Therefore, try to present content relevant to your niche and is striking to the readers’ interest.


When talking about minimal investment in affiliate marketing, it isn’t about investing dollars and dollars in it. Instead, your minimal investment would be your effort and time. 

Affiliate marketing has become a lucrative business that gives you decent returns. Every digital marketer knows that it is easy to build a website, but it isn’t easy to maintain a website. So, he should use perfect digital marketing strategy.

Let the zen mode out of yourself and hop on the not-so daunting task of building an affiliate website with minimal investment. Make sure you should not leave any money on the table!!

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