The reality is that perfect eyelashes, as in the Max Factor ad, cannot be obtained with mascara. Even very expensive. Even if you rub castor oil 2 times a day and curl your eyelashes with tongs – nothing will come of it! And I want beauty and an expressive look. Therefore, eyelash extension is one of the most demanded procedures. 

In this article we will tell you everything: how the build-up takes place, what are the pros and cons you need to know. We will also give an overview of the main trends in building up. Go!

How is the procedure going?

If you looked at the list of services in the salon, then you already know – there are beam and eyelash extensions. They have something in common. Both methods involve gluing the cilia to the eyelid. The special solution must be professional, high quality, hypoallergenic. The glue is black and transparent. The first is great if you like eyeliner or arrows. What is the difference?

Lash extension appeared in Japan. In this case, the master attaches the cilia to your relatives one at a time. Jewelry work requires accuracy and a sense of proportion. If you overdo it, it will look vulgar, puppet-like. Like you were stolen from a toy store.

Beam build-up or European was loved by Hollywood stars, there it was born. From the pros – it is cheaper and faster than eyelash. You can forget about mascara for a while, and the procedure lasts from 30-60 minutes. However, if one beam falls out, this is noticeable – a visible gap is formed. The bundles are suitable for a celebration or a party if you don’t want to walk with eyelashes for a long time.

So, the course and duration of the procedure will depend on which method you choose. We advise you to opt for the eyelash method if long eyelashes are needed for more than a few days. Eyelash extension using Japanese technology looks natural. Let everyone think that you were born with this! By the way, cilia last up to 4 weeks.
We have clarified the methods and procedure, but still have doubts? Find out the real pros and cons of fake eyelashes!

Classic eyelash extension: pros and cons

Hundreds of girls are doing extensions. What for?

Eyelashes look amazing, you want to look at them and look at them;

No need to paint, you are already a complete cosmos. Light bb cream, shine – 15 minutes and done. A working option for travel and vacation!

The makeup looks professional. Bunches are often used by makeup artists to create a cohesive look.
What do you need to know before signing up for the procedure? On the disadvantages of classic building:

You can’t rub your eyes. And any manipulations with the eyelids are better to be nullified. Otherwise, the wearing period will be shortened.

Your eyelashes thin slightly. But this is not scary – growth is fully restored within 2 weeks.

Sleep only on the back. Those who like to bury themselves in a pillow with their heads will be forced to control themselves. The good news is that sleeping on your side or back keeps your skin toned.

Yes, there are more pluses than minuses. But they also need to be taken into account!

Tips for a lash maker

As you find out, eyelashes were built back in the 1930s, during the heyday of the film industry in Hollywood. Since then, the concept of beauty has changed, new eyelash extension technologies have appeared. What does a master need to know?

The main thing is health!

Extended eyelashes look spectacular – no one can argue here. But how to keep your own and not harm growth? They began to take care of this. Choose modern and proven brands! Top brands are changing technology in favor of soft, safe and hypoallergenic materials. New eyelashes are light! Take care of your eyelashes with toners and strengthening compounds, they will actively grow.

Naturalness is in fashion

When the procedure first appeared in salons, there was a demand for doll length and sharp bend. The girls chose a super volume – it seemed like a fur coat for centuries.
Let’s leave these trends for the stage or filming! For everyday life, it is better to stay at a moderate length and volume.

Lightweight materials

Previously, lash makers ordered thick eyelashes – about 0.15 mm. Now the thickness has decreased by 3 times. As we already said, the thin and lightweight material looks natural and does not harm native eyelashes.

Today, ultra-light fiber eyelashes are trending along with fox eye makeup. It looks like natural human hair.

Express build-up

This technique will definitely appeal to the lazy. The essence of the trend is that the volume is filled by 80%. Gentle build-up does not affect young hairs in the growth stage. They receive oxygen since no material is attached to them.
Often, for greater naturalness, only the outer corner of the eye is filled, about half of the eyelid.

Eyelashes like Kim

Kanye West’s wife set many beauty trends. This time, the lash makers noticed that the edge of the eyelashes should not be even. Long hairs are distributed over the eyelid – you get a stylish accent in the form of rays.

For such an effect, be sure to go to the master! To make your eyelashes look natural, you need to choose a harmonious length and natural proportions.

Classic eyelash extension – now you know everything about it! We figured out how the procedure goes, found out the pros and cons, and considered the top trends. Artificial eyelashes are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, while trends and technologies are leaning towards the naturalness and health of eyelashes. 

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