Contacting aliens

Contacting aliens let’s start it again with the incident where the aliens are trying to find basically the Americans of Antarctica on December 27, 1984! A piece of Marshal’s meteoroid was found! But he didn’t feel anything and we went to that racer, but should we let those researchers stop the money?

Are we alone in Universe. Contacting aliens1996 Asha’s researcher David in his doing! because of the team, once again on the piece of Marshal Meteoroid! The study found such evidence that the doubts about extraterrestrial life in his man turned into belief!

Gone in pieces to the bacteria that are showing the battered life present on the meat, now it is equal to you to get such a piece of big evidence in the world! The point of the jump is that from NASA’s Discovery starting to the rest of the institute!

Contact aliens two more scientific communities! Nap Cheese Tire! By doing this, this rejection was going to give birth to such a new branch in the world of space. what do we call today astrobiology was so attached to NASA’s extraterrestrial life that it started experimenting and seeing it.

See the mission of finding life for contacting aliensalliens in it now if such a big institute is doing something then it is obvious that someone will come to steal less of it and no one else will get it even if you don’t believe then look at this article!

That’s NASA’s 12 Years of Data on the Dark Web.

That’s NASA’s 12 Years of Data on the Dark Web Just Like That Han It’s the Same Place Where People Leave Data Nowadays People Go To Buy Humans And His Live Punch Else’s Not Just This!

NASA contacting aliens scientists aside! Small projects are being made for extraterrestrial life by working hard day by day, while on the other hand there was a person whose mind!

You were cooking a different khichdi to call the contacting aliens on Earth, now you tell the normal human what to do to contact the heavy world obviously will send radio signals correct? What to say about every loud mind aka life does not exist,

did it plan to set fire to Earth to tell the world of space? and that too some small man but after the fall of a nuclear bomb, as much as the fire, and yes I am not giving a plan was to make a big pit in the middle of all the desserts and put have come to help us!

War signal whose frequency is 1420 MHz.

Wright, which NASA also understood and that is why he put it to the side, started his mission, for which he joined hands with Citi, a project that got the first strong narrow mount radio signal in space Yes I’m Talking About D War signal whose frequency is 1420 MHz and thank you this signal is the best profile of Exclusive Life Existence among all the signals found so far because it is the same frequency in which we send our signals to outer space which indirectly shows intelligence like us.

Is the signal of this frequency should be sent out after listening to all the warm factors, for those who have no idea about the city, Study Stands for Search for External International This is a non-profit research organisation like Tomorrow from Again Gross Mere and Louis Friedman No, it has the function to explore the universal existing life, electromagnetic radiation coming from other planets!

Prepare the science of civilization to honour planets.

Or to prepare the science of civilization of honor planets, now with this mission, they will get unknown signals but they have no respect! Civilizers are not solid proof of that! Aate home project was also started, the motive behind which was also infected with what kind of product was this in which every person living in burglary sat at home? think of this project as a scientist of a burglar’s child but despite this the whole?

Not a single unknown signal was found which is any evidence of the existence of contacting aliens, but after this, they did not leave the search behind their extraterrestrial life, but after this, the city and NASA together started making more new projects, of which The first was Project Phoenix,

There were 200 lighters in space!

This project told the world that there were 200 lighters in space! But what was the motive behind this project was to find the motive behind this project so much to extend the life of the butt next even in this also they did not find any evidence, due to which they should close this project Behind the closure of this project In the region,

there was a lack of radio satellites, due to which only a small part of space was covered at one time, but in the year 2005, this deficiency was completed and after the results of NASA’s contacting aliens Brand New Version Fourth Allen Telescope Project Finish, the scientist A direction was found for where to find life, but in this direction.

Once again taking Nasa on the wrong path

Once again taking Nasa on the wrong path in contacting aliens, how well in this project also got more than 2000 100 planets instead of life because of a total of 42 antennae fixed in ornament Did each of which, with the help of multiple antennae from multiple teams, observed radio signals within the girl’s frequency of nine to nine for contacting aliens, but after doing so many antenna specs?

They did not get any such evidence in space that about external life can be known in fact! The owner’s friend will also change the frequency range but still, he did not get any positive result due to which NASA had to reject the project too now? and setting! doing all those unsuccessful in contacting aliens, they did not come to know about extraterrestrial life from all these missions, but because of all these missions, NASA has been right, keeping in mind the results obtained from all the missions, NASA!

This NASA mission revealed the Galaxy?

Create your separate mission named Kepler mission, this NASA mission revealed that the Galaxy is present in! 30000 and 20062 Planets But But! In the Nasik Kepler mission, to explore all the structures found so far in the object, as well as to study the habitability ability of the plans, and for all these studies, a Sol Scientific instrument was fitted in Kepler which was the photometer fluorometer of electromagnetic radiation.

whose range comes in the middle of the ultra wallet to infinity, including measuring them, and then with the help of a photo register, they convert the light coming on planets or stars into electric current and scientists study the gana and electric signals for contacting aliens, that’s all. Even after studying, only the planet’s habit was known!

And if Planet Habit! s means a high chance of life existence but chances are r not insurance that there is light there Scientist has detected from unknown sources and the sad thing is that all the radio signals that the scientists are sending into space so far were not getting any hand and when the nerves were asked on this, they told that they were getting radio signals. But Budha does not trust them!

 Fixing two gold-plated copper discs.

Contacting aliens

Since then he has launched a spacecraft into space in which some artefacts of Earth are fixed in the hope that there will be such a life form that? Infect Nation will take Voyager vans out of stellar space and you will also launch space caps and fix two gold-plated copper discs in each space scrap in which? Different sounds as well as meanings! By recording and sending images if you want to know in detail, I have made a very interesting video about it, now you can just type gas science!

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