Are you looking for fun equipment(gear cubes) to increase the aesthetics of your work table and also help as a stress buster whenever you feel like chilling on your desk or get too heated up with your work and need a break?

Well! If the answer is yes! Then this twisty puzzle that I am going to talk about in this article would be a great fit for your needs. 

Hold your heartbeats as I unveil this super fun and thrilling riddle. 

A Gear Cube is an interesting twisty puzzle that looks very different from all the cubes that you must have seen in the past. 

Interesting and mechanically aesthetic, a gear cube looks formidable but is comparatively easier to solve than a Rubik’s cube. 

And thus, it is great to give you a little adrenaline rush but isn’t too captivating as well to let you go back to work after a little mind engaging victorious game of gear cubes. 

Well! If you still haven’t understood what a gear cube is, then here is a brief description for you, to understand this awesome puzzle.

A gear cube is a fun puzzle and was initially known as a caution cube. The name was put such because of the exterior gears present on the cube, in which, while speed cubbing, fingers could get stuck sometimes. It is an interesting cube and looks very exciting as well. The gears that are present on the exterior gives it a very mechanical look. In fact, the gears are to rotate six times one-eighty degrees in order to make a single move. 

To look a bit deeper into its formation. A gear cube has six centres that are fixed to their original position, twelve edges, and eight different corners. So, as the centres are majorly fixed in a gear cube, most of the solution of the gear cube arises by fixing its edges and corners.

Now that we have got a glance at the world of gear cubes, let’s know some interesting facts and the mind-blowing benefits of this fun equipment.

  • A gear cube could be solved in more than forty thousand ways. The number is calculated by applying the mathematical model of permutations and combinations.
  • It was invented by Oskar Van Deventer, and after its great initial success as a twisty puzzle, it was rebranded and sold by mefferts.
  • There is no official world record game for the solution of a gear cube, but there is an unofficial world record event for the fastest solution of a gear cube.
  • The current record of solving the gear cube the fastest is held by Kentaro Nishi. Though the record is unofficial, as there is no official world record help for the solution of the gear cubes.
  • A gear cube is great to relax the mind amidst a hectic work schedule. It gives just the right amount of adrenaline rush, to resume the work. 
  • It is fun and easy to use, moreover, it looks great, kept on your work desk or study table. It exponentially increases the aesthetics of the table and could look like a great piece for home decor.
  • It helps in increasing memory and also acts as a great workout for the brain. Moreover, it increases the problem-solving skills of the person and also enhances soft skills such as patience and other various analytical skills.
  • It helps in keeping fingers in shape, and also increases their agility and mobility as well. They are a great workout for fingers. 
  • It is a great way to increase focus and brainpower. When you are working on the solution of a gear cubes, you tend to only focus on your next move and try to memorize the previous moves. Doing this, several parts of your brain are active, thus increasing your brainpower and focus.
  • It could also be meditative in many ways.

A gear cube is a fun and cool way to enhance your mental power and also reap all the other benefits it provides. 

You can just pack your gear cube in your bag for your travel, meetings, or even school break, and enjoy them however you like. They are compact and won’t even take much space. And interestingly, there are more benefits of playing with a gear cube than there are cons.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gear cubes and enter the world of cubes with this fun and amazing puzzle.

Who knows, after all, maybe you will become the next person to break a world record. 

Happy cubing!

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