The great trekking is an enthralling attraction for many souls since the trip of mind. From holy abodes to quaint hamlets, gurgling brooks to glacial lakes, lush inexperienced pastures to snow-crowned peaks – there is not any dearth of heavenly serenity at Gokarna Beach trek. However, perhaps the biggest gift of Asian country is the varied trekking trails that change the wanderers to explore its beauty and find refuge amidst the wild. Gokarna is truly home to a variety of the foremost picturesque beaches.Trek to the many completely different beaches within the crusader city on Gokarna and pay the night tenting at the Gokarna Beach. 

After a long journey from the urban center, you may hike all around Gokarna to go to Belekan beach, Paradise beach, Half Moon beach, Om beach and Kudle beach. At the end of the night, the trek can lead you back to Gokarna beach, wherever you may gather around a crepitation fire, before defraying the night in tents. The ensuing day, you may conjointly visit the historic Mirjan Fort and also the little Vibhooti Falls, before creating your means back to the urban center. 

Why Gokarna Beach Trek?

Gokarna Beach, set on coastal Mysore, may be a standard destination for travellers from all round the world. The crusader culture of the city, combined with a sprawl of gorgeous beaches and historic landmarks, makes for an enthralling destination for a trek. It has pure blissful surroundings that adds a quality to it.This place has an abundance of stuff to like the moments on your trip. Gokarna beach appears fully marvelling and imposing with the emerald green forests, Crystal Sandy glit, astounding panaromic views, clear elegant blue ocean and much extra. It is a beauty to like nature’s walk, swimming, adding a picnic to your day, hiking, Sunbathing, feeling the elation, checking upon shacks to crunch your munch, wandering for look stops then on. This spot could also be a paradise for journey seekers as a result of it’s some exciting and thrilling activities to offer- Jet sport, skin-dive, Surfing, Snorkelling, inhabitancy and on. Don’t miss it all! 

Gokarna is a gorgeous beach – serene, secluded, and peaceful. The beach offers an extended line therefore it’s easy to look out a neighborhood that is less crowded.Beautiful mixture of holy sacred places and conjointly the foremost howling, clean beaches in coastal Mysore. Drive down from province and talent the excellence though two fully completely different worlds.Gokarna is entirely a Heaven on Earth. a really silent and peaceful place. you will be able to notice foreigners staying for several weeks on this beach. Gokarna Mahabaleshwar is basically a religious place where the standard knife Temple is found. Tranquility of the temples quite cure your blues. People come from all parts of the country to worship Lord Shiva. Gokarna could also be a village but with lots of hotels. Hotels and meals are very cheap compared to the rest of the country. People are nice over here  that intensely invites howling for family journeys. 

Embark in the amazing Gokarna beach trek now and explore the natural beauty!

Things to do during Gokarna beach trek

  • Gokarna beach trek to any or all the various beaches at Gokarna 
  • Catch beautiful views of the sea
  • Go beachside tenting at Gokarna 
  • Visit the Mirjan Fort and Vibhooti Fall 
  • Munch the food and completely different exotic preparation 
  • Shop 

Things to carry for Gokarna beach trek

  •  Carry your own blankets. 
  • Face Masks and Hand Sanitisers 
  • Small backpack to hold your necessities throughout the trek
  •  Power Bank
  •  Water bottles – two (1l each) 
  • Lunch Box & Spoon to hold your packed lunch
  •  Raincoat/Bag covers just in case of rains 
  • A comfortable combine of shoes with sensible grip for trekking
  •  Flip-flops for lazing round the land site
  •  Torch/Headlamp to be used in the dark 
  • Portable chargers for your natural philosophy 
  • Extra combine of garments to vary into once wet Poly Bags to pack your wet garments
  •  Extra cash 

For beginners it is recommended to know the trek and spots very well- it’s climate, conditions, duration, facts or any update. One must be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally to tackle the situation. Free your spirit and enjoy every bit. Good Luck! 

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