Electronic Medical Records (EMR companies) have become a fundamental pillar to the healthcare system. These software solutions are not only a better replacement of the traditional paper chart, but also an efficient patient health maintenance system that helps providers deliver the best possible patient care. As the growing number of EMR benefits become more evident than ever, several impressive and top EMR companies have emerged in the industry. However, it’s difficult to understand which one is the most suitable for your clinical needs and specialty. Choosing the right software system is crucial to improving patient care and optimizing clinical efficiency.

In order to simplify the selection process for you, we present you with a comprehensive analysis of top 5 EHR solutions, including summaries of each below with detailed insights.

1.    eClinicalWorks

Founded in 1991, eClinicalWorks offers a comprehensive health recording solution that helps users organize workflow and improve care efficiency within their healthcare setup. This technological enterprise prides itself in the development of its own healthcare technology that caters to more than fifty diverse specialties, including health centres, hospitals, surgical centres, and mobile clinics.

It is an integrated cloud-based EHR and Revenue Cycle Management solution that offers tools to ensure industry-leading value, efficient documentation, and in-depth user satisfaction. The latest eClinicalWorks version features interoperability to offer users easy to patient data anytime, anywhere. In addition to this, there is a virtual assistant (Eva) and tools to boost patient engagement and encourage a meaningful understanding about population health and their best daily healthy diet programme.

With a plethora of robust tools, this Health IT platform is committed to the consistent advancement of care aimed at promoting higher quality care delivery, improving patient satisfaction, and accurately measuring risk. The most highly acclaimed quality attributed to eClinicalWorks is certainly its own telemedicine solution, known as Healow, which offers a great deal of flexibility to patients.

Why should you consider eClinicalWorks EMR?

●       Enhanced data streamlining via Grid cloud system

●       Health and Wellness Data Tracking

●       Remote care visits via telemedicine application, Healow

●       Robust patient portal

●       Training included for small practices

●       Free conversion packages

2.    athenahealth

Operating since 1997, athenahealth is a cloud-based clinical and financial solution designed for physicians, healthcare institutions, and medical communities. It combines healthcare services to reduce administrative burdens and improve operational efficiencies. One of the top EMR companies in USA, athenahealth prides itself as the disruptor in the industry. It includes a technology-driven solution, yet still understands the basic needs of medical experts to ensure practice success. Known for its robust products and functionalities, athenahealth helps medical organizations deliver accurate information with minimal distraction.

The platform uses tools and services that are in compliance with HIPAA and enable providers to achieve compliance with ease. It streamlines physician workflows to promote a focus on patient-centric care. Moreover, there are engagement tools, such as patient portals, telehealth services, and online scheduling to improve patient care.

Small and mid-sized practices often require an easy-to-use software solution, as they may not have the resources or time to manage a complex piece of software. This EMR solution fits this requirement very well. It is fully cloud-based, meaning it will work for practices where the clinical staff uses different types of input devices.

Why should you consider athenahealth EMR?

●       Easy to learn and use

●       Web-based EMR, compatible with many kinds of devices

●       Customizable scheduling features

●       Robust patient portal

●       Good customer service

3.    NextGen

Introduced in 1976, NextGen has been offering healthcare solutions to over 155,000 physicians. This EHR software is focused exclusively on improving the care experience for specialty practices and ambulatory care clinics, regardless of size. It aims to leverage clinical solutions with financial management solutions to help medical facilities in achieving both clinical and financial advantages.

This fully integrated cloud-based EHR solution comes with a clearinghouse, specialty-specific content, and a user-friendly patient portal to improve financial outcomes, increase productivity, ease health data communication, and enrich the patient experience. Moreover, other offerings include risk stratification services aimed at enabling organizations to identify and address gaps, population health management, as well as a clinical care solution to prioritize provider-patient engagement and alleviate administrative burdens.

Why should you consider NextGen EHR?

●       Risk stratification and population health management services

●       Generates patient diagnosis and treatment plans

●       Designed to reduce administrative burden and improve patient engagement

●       Well-regarded training and support system

●       Strong data analytics offerings

●       Patient portal

4.    Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a relatively new vendor in the EHR industry, as the company officially opened its doors in 2005. The services offered by this software solution are known to be best suited for small, independent private practices and ambulatory healthcare services.

As one of the top EMR companies in USA, the vendor prides itself on continual progress on latest health landscape changes in an attempt to cater to growing healthcare demands. This cloud-based system offers integrated policy support, automatic updates, and free patient portal. In addition to this, the platform’s unified practice management system provides flexible scheduling, billing, and task management services. One of the most appreciated attributes associated to this EHR software is its customizable nature, which opens up a pool of patient engagement opportunities.

Why should you consider Practice Fusion’s EHR?

●       User-friendly system eases navigation

●       Free patient portal

●       Up-to-date advanced technology

●       Long-term well-regarded support services

●       Library of customizable templates

5.    Praxis

Operating since 1989, Praxis is an award-winning EMR system, offering solutions to thousands of providers across the US and worldwide. This platform is exclusively focused on optimal user experience and efficient usability. Moreover, its template-free model allows for maximum scalability and adaptation. Due to its flexible nature, it is one of the best software solutions we have on the market and is prepared to offer services across a number of medical specialties.

Praxis is a tailor-fit cloud or server-based EHR system that is certified as a complete EHR solution for MACRA. It is a popular EMR choice because of its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) operating system, called Concept Processing, that intuitively becomes smarter and quicker with greater use.

Why should you consider Praxis EMR?

●       Enhances care quality

●       Increases revenues of 30-40%

●       Patient portal

●       Template-free model allows for maximum customization

●       Reduces charting time by 2 hours on average

Which one’s the best?

With a growing number of the top EMR companies, finding the right software solution for your practice can get a bit tricky. The only thing you can do is focus on the specific needs of your healthcare facility. Figure out which areas which need to target, and then pick the EMR that excels in those areas.

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