Flowers are one of the most long-standing Home Decor Enhancement options due to their inherent beauty and mood-boosting effects. As such, it is no wonder why so many designers and DIYers use flowers as a décor staple. A Guide to Buying the Best Wallpaper to Design Your Home Need inspiration for how to use flowers in your home? Here are six ways to display flowers to your home decor enhancement.

Create an Entryway Display

Creating an entryway display is an amazing way to set the tone for your home. No matter what arrangement you use, it will be a welcome sight when you get home after a long day at work. Guests will also notice and appreciate this lovely design feature.

If you use this method to display flowers at home, consider investing in a monthly flower subscription. When you subscribe, your florist will provide you with a unique display each month to keep things fresh and seasonal which makes your home decor enhancement by using flowers.

Use Aroma therapeutic Dried Flowers

One of the main benefits of home decor enhancement with flowers is natural aromatherapy. Certain blooms, like roses and lavender, have proven aroma therapeutic benefits. Capturing those lovely scents can create a calm, relaxing environment in your home.

Consider drying your most fragrant florals and displaying them for lasting effects. Dried flowers offer an elegant, vintage look while extending beyond the natural lifespan of your blooms.

Press and Frame Your Floral Favorites

Pressing flowers is a traditional hobby that has fallen out of fashion over the years. However, this simple craft is an excellent way to preserve your favorite flowers forever. You can display your pressed flowers in frames to your home decor enhancement.

Get creative when creating pressed flower pieces. Use transparent vellum for a floating flower display or upcycle old texts for a romantic, classical background.

Create a Windowsill Garden

Cut flowers are not the only option when displaying floral will home decor enhancement. You can also create an indoor windowsill garden using perennial flowers that bloom repeatedly.

Display an assortment of tulips in hurricane vases or choose some flowering potted plants, like the hoya, peace lily, or African violets. If you enjoy cooking and crafting culinary creations, plant flowers that you can use in your dishes.

Use Alternative Vessels

For home decor enhancement: Think outside the vase and use alternative vessels to display flowers around your home. Decorative pots, old watering cans, teapots, pitchers, and baskets are just a few creative vessel ideas. This project is a great way to upcycle thrifted items and makes a great gift idea!

Hanging a pot with plants in the door retro touch to your decor with a few macrame hanging pots

Install Hanging Displays

Hanging plant and flower displays are coming back in a big way. Add a retro touch to your decor with a few macrame hanging pots, or add a modern spin with copper bowls and boho-inspired rings.

As an alternative to the traditional free-hanging display, consider a wall-mounted hanging display. You can create a living wall with your favorite blooms or choose wall-mounted planters that let vining florals hang.

The key to your home decor enhancement with flowers is to get creative and showcase your unique personal flair. With these six inspirational ideas, you can start creating a beautiful indoor floral display.

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