The conversation around medical education in the Philippines isn’t complete without the Davao Medical College Philippines. For more than 4 decades, this university has constantly maintained the “quality” and “affordability” of medical education, which is why it ranks among the top 6 medical colleges/universities in the Philippines.

But has anyone wondered as to how this institution has been able to sustain its quality for such a long time? If not, this post delves deep into it; it breakdowns the factors that have over the years, contributed to this university becoming one of the best destinations for MBBS in Philippines.

  1. First of all, the Davao Medical College Philippines has been recognized and accredited by bodies like the MCI/NMC, WHO, the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), the US Education Department, and the General Council of Medicine of the United Kingdom/Great Britain. It means that this institution maintains the utmost standards of academic and medical excellence.
  2. This quality is evident from the presence of spacious lecture halls, smart classes, conference rooms, and halls as well as state-of-the-art laboratories (including a microbiology lab also). These ensure that students not only get to strongly develop their core concepts but also get to practically apply these in real-life-like simulations. This teaches students to handle complex situations that may come in the fie
  1. Furthermore, students of the Davao Medical College Philippines can also practice dissections in the “3D Anatomy Dissection Centre” and “Cadaver Dissection Lab”. They get to develop a deeper understanding of human anatomy through practice. 
  2. Being one of the top medical colleges in Philippines, it ensures that there are enough extracurricular activities to keep the students refreshed and revitalized. This means that there are several amenities, like sporting facilities, conference halls, and a cafeteria specializing in a variety of cuisines as well as following all the appropriate Covid Appropriate Behavior.
  3. Not just that, this university has a 24×7 accessible library having the latest editions of medical books and journals. This is one of the major reasons why it’s such a preferred destination for MBBS in Philippines.
  4. The entire course duration in the Davao Medical College Philippines incurs a cost of only somewhere around 22-25 lakh INR, which includes everything from tuition, accommodation (with food) as well as other one-time charges (Visa charges, air ticketing, document verification, and insurance). Insurance cover for the students makes this institution much preferable for medical aspirants from all around the world.
  5. Indian students can rejoice as the hostel of the Davao Medical College Philippines specializes in authentic Indian food (veg, non-veg, and Jain). This is perhaps because of the sheer number of Indian students studying here; almost more than 6,000 if going by the data given on the university website.
  6. International students also need not worry as English is the medium of instruction followed by the university. This makes the curriculum comprehensible for them in turn, only contributing to the rising popularity of the university.
  7. This institution is particularly safe for students (especially female students) as it has 24×7 security as well as CCTV camera surveillance in the academic block and in the hostel premises too.
  8.  As it’s one of the MCI-approved colleges, its curriculum is helpful in the preparation for the Indian licentiate exam i.e. the FMGE/NEXT Exam.
  9. Talking of licentiate exams, the curriculum also matches American standards of medical education. This means that students have a higher chance of cracking the USMLE exam and successfully secure the license to practice medicine in the United States.
  10. A major perk of education from the Philippines, especially this university, is the low teacher-to-student ratio. What this does is ensure a less crowded classroom. Furthermore, this gives the faculty an opportunity to adopt a student-first approach to teaching. This includes focussing on each student equally and even being available for one-on-one sessions for those facing doubts.
  1. The Davao Medical College Philippines is one of the first medical colleges in the Philippines. Therefore, students can trust this university for pursuing MBBS in Philippines as it has a legacy of maintaining the utmost quality in their academic curriculum and practices.

Perhaps no other university around the world brings with it such a huge number of perks/advantages as this one. Its quality speaks in the form of accreditation and certification from almost all the top bodies as mentioned above.

The Davao Medical College Philippines promises a well-organized learning environment, world-class curriculum as well as a vibrant and enriching environment for all the students, irrespective of their nationality, color, ethnicity, or religious affiliations. All this is supported by an experienced and more importantly, an accessible faculty who know their craft. Thus, it was perhaps this that has allowed this institution to live up to its legacy of being one of the most trustworthy destinations for MBBS in Philippines.

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