Welcome to the Yawadoud.com, world of info. In this article we’ll let you know why and when Iblis cried. We hope it will be helpful to Muslims and Non-Muslims as well.

Iblis cried four times in the Islamic history. We’ll let you know who is iblis(satan). Iblis is a Jinn created with the smokeless fire by Allah Almighty. In some books there is mentioned that Iblis performed prayers before Allah Almighty about 1400 years. You will be curious if Iblis(Satan) worshiped Allah Almighty then why we call him Devil(Satan). We’ll let you know about it in this article as well.

1: Iblis was Thrown From Heaven:

First time Iblis cried when he was Thrown from Jannah by Allah Almighty. When Allah Almighty created the first person in the world who is Hazrat Adam(A.S), then Allah almighty ordered every angel and jinn to prostrate before Hazrat Adam(A.S). Every angel acted upon Allah Almighty’s command except Iblis.  This was the iblis arrogance.

Allah Almighty asked from Iblis “why you did not bow down before Adam(A.S)?” Iblis replied “I am created with the smokeless fire while you created Adam with the mud. It’s my nature to go from down to up . Why should I perform obeisance to those who go from top to bottom?

2: Iblis was Cursed:

Iblis cried a second time when he was cursed by Allah Almighty. When Hazrat Adam(A.S) was in Jannah(Heaven). Allah Almighty ordered Hazrat Adam(A.S) and Hazrat Hawa not to go near that tree and eat the specific fruit. Iblis(Satan) wanted Hazrat Adam to eat that fruit because was jealous.

As he was thrown out from Heaven then he took the appearance of a snake and went into the Jannah.  As we have let you know the reality of Jinns that they are shape shifters in our previous article. So he changed his shape to go to Heaven. He(Iblis) went to Hazrat Adam and said to him that “ the fruit which Allah Almighty forbidden you to eat is the special fruit. By eating this fruit you will be immortal”. 

Hazrat Adam(A.S) was captured by his trick as Hazrat Adam was innocent. Hazrat Adam ate that fruit. Allah Almighty became angry at Hazrat Adam(A.S) as he(A.S) disobeyed him(swt). Allah Almighty then threw Hazrat Adam(A.S) from heaven to earth.

After this Allah Almighty cursed Iblis(Satan) because of his tricks. Allah almighty said to Iblis that you will be called as Devil(Satan) till the Last Day which is the Day of Judgement(Qiyamah).

3: Hazrat Muhammad(Peace be Upon Him) was born:

Iblis cried third time when Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) was born. If you are a Muslim then you have already known about Hazrat Muhammad(p.b.u.h) who is the last prophet of Allah Almighty. Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) is the most beloved human of Allah Almighty. The whole Quran which is the most precious book for muslims was Revealed on Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W). 

As Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) was the beloved to Allah Almighty, so Iblis(Satan) was jealous and then Iblis cried.

4: When Bismillah was revealed:

Iblis cried a fourth time when Bismilla-hir-rahman-ir-rahim was revealed. As every Muslim knows that when we say this verse and we start to work then our satan can’t do that thing which we are doing. 

Bismillah is just a verse which came from Allah Almighty through that angel which was never seen before and it will not be seen ever. That was a special angel whose duty was just to deliver this verse.

Every human has a satan with him when he is born. When we eat after saying this verse then we’ll just eat, our satan can’t eat. 

 So these were the reasons that Iblis cried.I hope that this article will be very helpful for most people who are curious about it.

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