Quran memorization is considered as a spiritual journey of a Muslim to fill his heart with the words of Allah Almighty written in Quran. In this modern Era of technology and education, there are various courses developed by the professionals to assist the people in learning something. Just like the language and science courses, there is wide range of developed courses for the memorization of Quran as well. However, it depends on the learner whether he wants to join them at Islamic institutions, or they want to learn them online. In this covid pandemic, every human activity got affected in physical form. Now people who wants to get education and learn something, can easily do so by simply sitting at their home and holding mobile phones. Technology was never used in this frequency as it has been under the usage since Covid pandemic started.

Traditional Method of Learning Quran

When it comes to learning Quran, there are several websites and online institutions that are assisting Muslims all over the world. Learning Quran is necessary for every Muslim to get the knowledge of absolute truth and mold their lives accordingly. In traditional method of learning Quran, you need to sit under the guidance of Qari or professional who have great understanding of Quran. You will simply follow the intonation and pronunciation of that Qari to learn Quran. The best practice in old times to memorize Quran was to repeat the verses for several times in a day especially after five times prayer.

Quran Memorization Courses

It develops a strong relation of individual with the creator. Quran memorizer is known as “hafiz” in males and “hafiza” in females. It takes a long and complex time to learn Quran by heart as it is not an ordinary task. Allah Almighty has put great rewards for those who memorize Quran in both worlds. As holy prophet (peace be upon him) said that a person who master the Quran and recite it, he would be with a noble righteous in paradise.

Online Modes and Techniques Used In Quran Memorization Courses

There are mainly three techniques used for reading Quran in these Quran memorization courses. These techniques are:

Quantum Reading Technique

This refers to the method of reading words in small chunks to develop a better understanding. Several software is also used for making small chunks of bigger verses to help the reader in learning Quran

Scan Reading Technique

It is a quick way of passing through the words by moving eyes and quickly read the text mainly focusing on keywords.

Initial Memorization Technique

This technique is an old one, as it starts from initial steps of learning noorani Qaida and smaller surah of Quran and then move towards bigger and complex ones.


The overall structure of Quran memorization courses focuses mainly on three phases. These phases are:

  • Memorization of Quran with perfection
  • Learning the meaning of quranic verses
  • Learning underlying reasons of each verse

However there some features of these Quran memorization course. Here we will discuss about the main features of courses related to Quran memorization.

  • Most of these Quran courses are offered primarily with a Free trial to check the environment and level of teaching.
  • Online classes are available for different time schedules, you can join them as per your routine without worrying about the time.
  • The Quran memorization websites only hire professional and certified Quran teachers. Their descriptions and qualifications are mostly mentioned on the websites with their authentic certificates.
  • These websites provide such meetings and sessions which are one to one for better concentration and learning.
  • To assist the female learners, they facilitate them with female certified Quran tutors.
  • At the completion of Quran memorization courses, the participants and learners are provided with authentic certificates.
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