The world in 2020 belongs to good electronic gadgets and also the net. However social media, games and alternative on-line activities area unit making serious issues among the oldsters for his or her kids. folks complain that kids don’t hear them. children are becoming concerned in immoral and even criminal activities quite ever before. We should let them know about Holy Quran.

Ignoring the worth of simplicity, they want to adopt an opulent and lavish life-style. after they fail to achieve it, they mire into stress, depression, disturbance etc. they are doing not provide tutelage and importance to their folks. Disobedience is, sadly, a trend. of these activity issues begin developing from their childhood.

What you would like to try to to is to ‘Nip the evil within the bud’. If you wish to avoid wasting your children from all of this, you would like to require many easy however good steps. one amongst these is to create in them a healthy habit of reading.

Give the most effective to your child. Yes, provide your kid the most effective book to review. Sit with him for a minute within the evening or at the other time. scan the book along and confirm to him the topics or story, wherever necessary. it’ll bring you and your children nearer than before. it’ll assist you to impart higher ethical and social values in your child. it’ll strengthen your child-parent relationship.

The question is, that book ought to be hand-picked for the one you care the foremost (your kid)? you may consider Harry Potter or another fiction book. however what if you decide on a a lot of noted book than Harry Potter? Or a book that’s the foremost well-liked of all the days. Yes, select the most effective for your dear.

The Holy Quran is that the most well liked book within the history of man. in step with one estimate, once 450 million copies of Harry Potter area unit revealed / sold , the quantity of the Holy Quran

publication reaches quite three Billion. Yes, you’ve got got it right, three Billion! This immense range will certainly excite you to shop for one copy for you and your children. however the quantity of publication isn’t the sole reason that you just ought to choose this book. There area unit various reason to travel for this selection. Here you’ll examine many of them.


Children love stories. The Holy Quran has several exciting tales and interesting stories of the individuals of each rank. Its tales vary from the common men and ladies to the worthy kings and queens. It excites its readers by the outline of the oceans, deserts, earth and house. as an example; a person is being enclosed by a large fish.

A prophet is being thrown into the hearth and starting up of it alive. A worthy king is being killed by a two-winged insects. Story of a Prophet World Health Organization understands the language of animals and rules the wind. Nations being killed by super floods and nice earthquakes. There area unit several others to be explored by you and your child.


Be good folks. solely fiction can ne’er develop your child’s high ethical values and smart ethics. The Holy Quran focuses on this side also. It encourages its readers to keep up noble character with high ethical grounds. It focuses on simplicity and serving to others. Its regular study can assure that your child plays a positive social role within the future.

it’s not simply a fiction book with fascinating stories. every incident / story has some ethical lesson. it’ll assist you to debate along with your children, the topics of honesty, honesty, helpfulness, morality, etc. it’ll eventually create them an honest future guy. And you’ll be proud folks.


If you wish to create a powerful relationship of respect and responsibilities along with your kid, this is often the right book. Why? The Holy Quran discusses the duties and rights in an exceedingly parent-child relationship. For example, it guides folks concerning a way to treat your kids. It motivates the kids to not even speak loud along with your previous folks.

A mother is that the most significant person in an exceedingly kid life. A father could be a entree to success. Isn’t it sound great? affirmative, it is. Imagine sitting along with your kids and discussing of these problems. it’ll sure enough produce a far better sense of harmony. it’ll strengthen the connection of affection and respect between you and your child.


Reading the Quran is simply like exploring the disclosed secrets of the universe. once alternative children-books discuss the sole specific characters or topic, this book talks over heterogenous themes. except for storytelling, you’ll see the weather of Science, Discoveries, Ethics, Human Rights, Politics, faith and plenty of others. So, it’ll ne’er allow you to get bore of it. many researches and debates on the Holy Quran area unit simply obtainable on the web.

A GOOD TIP to urge higher OF IT

The Holy Quran isn’t like all alternative book. Its narration is exclusive in each sense. It doesn’t forever narrate the stories or ideas in an exceedingly sequence. generally solely a touch to the entire event is written. So, it’ll be higher to own the Holy Quran with interpretation. scan the text and consult the interpretation wherever you would like some detail of the text. it’ll assist you to urge the foremost out of this excellent book.

In a shell, the trendy world has all the superficial splendor and charm to attract your children and convert them into somebody you’ve got ne’er loved. Unless you let this happen. So you should learn Holy Quran by different means as it’s necessary for every Muslim.

Children area unit like fusible iron you’ll mould them the means you wish. however if you let your child grow while not correct subject matter, he can build his own ethical codes, the codes schooled by the gadgets, technology. choose the Holy Quran as a book companion for your kid. Accompany him to grasp it and share your thoughts. facilitate yourself and your children to grow into positive.

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