As a window covering the company, you need to make a lot of efforts to nurture your leads and properly manage your sales pipeline. However, you are required to take care of multiple streams of jobs; it’s easy to miss any opportunity without knowing about it. Consequently, you lose a big deal, and probably the money is out of your pocket. If you are also facing a similar problem and losing some good opportunities from your hand, don’t miss buying Blinds, Shades and Shutters Software and keep yourself more organized. 

Window shutters, blinds, and shades software will equip you with essential data to always be aware of the focused sales and other marketing activities. Moreover, this software helps you automate your lead and sales management process. Some of the critically important features of the software include:

  • Powerful scheduling
  • Reminders related to doing tasks
  • Simple yet effective proposals generation
  • Simplification in pricing and quoting
  • automated triggers

Let’s find out what is the software have as an offering for window covering business owners. 

Easily track your leads:

Don’t expect customers to knock on your door every time for buying your products and services. Even a regular or a prospective customer wants you to make some efforts in the form of follow-up and update them about the new designs in products or offers in services. 

However, the worst thing with large-scale businesses is to forget about the follow-ups. So, here the work is done by Blinds, Shades and Shutters Software on your behalf. With the help of the software, you can keep your leaves in an organized way in a separate bucket and track the status in the sales pipeline accordingly. Moreover, you how to option of setting tasks, meetings and reminders so that none of the lead slip through your hand ever again. 

Be excellent at customer service:

Customers of today look for the best. Even a single negative review can notably e impact your business. Luckily, software solutions with BMS Link make it easy to improve customer service. You can instantly get the information regarding the lead or a prospective customer in the client’s dashboard. As you can also keep yourself updated on future meetings, emails, and to-do tasks, missing essential details will become history.  

In addition, the Window Treatment Quoting Software has further made manufacturing tasks easier by ending the time-consuming use of maintaining a spreadsheet for quotations and prices. All this eventually helps you see the bigger picture about your company’s sales and production operation and, on the other hand, improving customer experience. 

Close more deals:

After generating many leads, an actual challenge comes in your way, which is making a maximum sale. With the help of window shutters and blinds software, you can effortlessly create customized and professional-looking PDF proposals. So, you are not required to prepare documents on word that’s probably take time, and you can expect delays in making proposals and sharing with the prospects. The software allows you to send the proposal in a couple of tabs, and your quickness certainly impresses the customers that ensure a Win-Win deal. 

Get Paid more get paid faster. 

When using advanced software to handle and manage your business, you have to maintain extensive data. More earnings mean more invoices and record keeping. So, to simplify the management, you require more manpower. However, Window Treatment Quoting Software and other similar industry-specific software will end the need to hire more people. You can easily maintain the invoices, track the payment and check remaining balances through the software. 


Considering All the above-mentioned points, large-scale business owners must have come to know the significance of industry-specific software. As a human, we all have some constraints and restrictions, but this software can perform multiple activities from marketing, lead generation, and sales to quoting the price, reminding taking follow-ups, etc. So, without underestimating the power of such software, try buying it from the BMS link as early as possible and improve the performance, customer satisfaction, and overall business experience.  

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