If you are the one who loves winter trekking over snowy paths, then here is the trek which adds wheels to your dream. Kedarkantha trek is the queen trek over entire winter treks in India. Just pack your luggage and plan ahead for the Kedarkantha trek. Kedarkantha is pinned at Govind wildlife sanctuary, a best choice for trekking around the world. The initial spot of this trek starts from a village named Sankri. It is satisfying the trekkers with its Nature beauties and cherishing them heartwarmingly. Overall trekking introduces you to snowy ranges, peaks, snow covered trees, meadows, mesmerizing campaigns, frozen ponds, glacial lakes and after all you’ll stand as a witness for everything. You’ll be stuck with the beauties offered by Kedarkantha trek such as lush green pine forests and green meadows. In between you’ll meet many gorgeous peaks like har ki dun, Rupin Pass trek, buran range, kalanag etc. The entire trekking experience will bring you enchanting moments. Here are the reasons why you must choose Kedarkantha trek among all treks in India.

1.Easy to trek

The Kedarkantha trek offers the difficulty level as easy to moderate. It is the best suitable choice even for beginner level trekkers too. The trail trekking is up to the height of 12,500 ft. You’ll surely enjoy the trekking experience if you are first time ahead at Kedarkantha trek. The trek is overwhelmed with beautiful streams, abundant flora and fauna specutall around and if you are early, you can enjoy stunning sunrise there. During the entire day, only 4 hours is required to Trek and remaining time is in your hands to call your day delightfully all around at the trek campaign site. 

2.Covered in snow from December to April

Are you the one winter lover and snow lover, then Kedarkantha trek is your best choice for trekking? After 10,000 ft you can observe snow all your way. The entire Kedarkantha trek is blanketed by snow like snowcapped mountains, snow covered pine trees and meadows. A white desert of frozen region will mesmerize you throughout your trekking period. The stunning views of Kedarkantha trek are really worth visiting. If you are wishing to ahead a winter trek then this is your one and only choice to have.

3.Possesses the best driving roads in the Himalayas

Kedarkantha trek is the best trending winter trekking destination. The road is well for trekking and offers you a beautiful trekking experience all along the way. The overwhelmed trekking path drives you into a magical world which is highly imaginable. The entire Trekking path of Kedarkantha is really well constructed. A perfect trek to choose over many of the treks around the world. Especially for tourism, it was constructed praisable. You’ll sure feel pleasant all along the way and you’ll get introduced to many of the flora and fauna species that offer a heartwarming feel. 

4. Stunning views all around the trek

Kedarkantha is the best choice to choose over all winter treks in India. If you are early for trekking then you can get a chance to have a look at a beautiful pleasant sunrise. And in between the trekking path, the flora and fauna overwhelmed attracts you in a mesmerizing manner. You will bag many long-lasting memories within a trekking campaign. The surroundings will mesmerize you and the locals show their warm gratitude and welcome you to their native place. You’ll be stunned by their culture and tradition. The more you see the more you love it. And during the time of dusk, Kedarkantha trek offers you a relaxing sunset which gives relief from the hardships of all trekking periods. Some covered landscapes, snow-capped mountains and snowy meadows will give a feel of wandering at white desert.

5.Discovery of new astonishing culture

The culture stuck from years back will really stuns you while you set foot over there. Many of the remote villages and the locals from there warmly welcome you in an appreciable manner. They will offer you tea with a delicious taste. The tradition and culture introduced over there expresses the ancient achievements and we’ll mannered life styles. You’ll surely praise it and surprised by the following and breathtaking achievements of them.

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