Scientists said let’s separate the lunar module and have its impact. The moon is hollow  just at the right distance away from this seismometer that they put there and we’ll measure how it vibrates and that’ll tell us what’s going on in the center of the moon.


Traveling at almost 3,800 miles per hour the used vehicle slams into the moon’s surface creating a 30-foot wide crater and a moon quick; the results recorded on the seismic sensors astonish NASA scientists. It proves that the moon is hollow.

When they saw them on their seismic record it was ringing like a bell. It just wouldn’t stop this. Of course, I set off a search to try to find an explanation for this big difference between what we see on earth before what we see on earth where the earthquakes only last for a few minutes.

 On the moon where they go on for hours and hours, scientists who were willing to think outside the box said hey that’s hollow, our moon is hollow.

Once to go down the path off a hollow moon everything is on the table. So if the moon is hollow that means well obviously it’s not a naturally occurring phenomenon so it’s got to be some artificial somebody putting it there.

According to Theories:

Built the first men on the moon. Theories that say our moon is hollow have become common in science fiction stories but don’t fit with mainstream science. The idea that the moon could be an artificial space station shows how difficult it is just to get our space station up. 

Can you imagine putting something the size of its orbitI don’t think so it has a bigger story NASA scientists have theorized that the unexpected vibrations come from low level of water in the moon crust.

The earth is a water rich planet . We have water covering the surface but there is also lots of water that’s been buried deep inside the earth’s mantle. When you have an earthquake, the water and the earth absorb that signal very quickly like shock absorbers but on the moon there’s much less water on the surface and then also very little water inside the interior of the moon. 

Without the water to keep the phone ringing the idea that the moon is hollow remains science fiction at least for now.

Volcanic Activity Stopped:

For years, scientists believed that the moon’s volcanic activity stopped hundreds of millions of years ago, with the interior cooling and the crust no longer contracting. As it turns out, that’s not the case. The moon is actually getting smaller.

Data collected during the Apollo program and again by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2000 show that the fault lines of the Moon are still active and produce “moonquakes”. This has led scientists to believe that it is very likely that the moon’s crust is still contracting.

The moon won’t be the size of a football any time soon. It’s thought to have shrunk by just 150 feet over a few hundred million years, so there’s a good chance it will be there when we return in 2024.


On Earth, the vibrations from an earthquake usually last only 30 seconds or so and no more than two minutes. This is largely due to the amount of water present on the planet. As Neal explains, “Water weakens the stone and expands the structure of the various minerals. When energy spreads through such a compressible structure, it behaves like a foam sponge – it dampens the vibrations.”

Meanwhile, NASA-induced moonquakes lasted over ten minutes. The shock wave from the Apollo 12 moonquake took nearly eight minutes to peak after impact and died down completely in about an hour. But now we know that there is a very good scientific explanation for this.

There isn’t much water on the Moon that we know of – it’s mostly in the form of ice; and the Moon is drier and much harder than Earth. So the composition of the moon allows the vibrations to “ring” and continue for a much longer period of time. It also proves the existence of humanoid that they live on the moon.

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