In this article we will discuss the maintenance of secrecy in your daily life in which you are getting good or bad news. Situations like If you will be promoted, remain relaxed and keep the news to yourself until you really get promoted. Never share your secrets with anyone.

If you have conceived the child, don’t tell it to everyone. There are many who are waiting for this blessing. If you are blessed with health, don’t make it public, there are many who cherish it, everything that happens in your life. 

Avoid to share your Goals and achievements on Social media 

You take a nice picture of it and push it down to your socials. There are people  who will sincerely love you for the accomplishments you have been granted but then there are others who envy you and have that jealousy towards you. So never share your goals on social media.

A jealous person who is affected more than the person who is jealous of jealousy, not only spoils a piece of mind, but it also weakens the faith in Allah because when a person gets envious of another person, he thinks that Allah has not been fair with him. 

Allah Does Justice Better than anyone:

Though he does not know what blessings Allah has given to each of his servants and indeed Allah does justice better than anybody can think of Keeping secrets others have entrusted us with, as part of our duty, we would be committing grave injustice by leaking. What we held in confidence.  You should never share your secrets with others.

Take this for granted thinking that the password is don’t tell anybody. But yet even that is a sin, it destroys relations and wreaks havoc in society. My dear brothers and sisters know that a secret is a kind of trust in a man. And that’s a kind of contract or covenant, which must be kept. This is the beauty of Islam and it is the greater religion in world.

It is necessary to be harsh with those who disclose them, because they’re betraying a trust and breaking their promise to Allah. The almighty says, and fulfill every covenant verily, the covenant will be questioned about. So if keeping secrets is obligatory, then disclosing them is prohibited by Haram.

In life of Prophet(P.B.U.H):

The prophet peace be upon him, told a secret to Aisha and entrusted them with it but they disclose the secret and Allah rebuked them for that Allah, the Almighty says, and remember when the prophet disclosed a matter and confidence to one of his wives, and she told it to another and Allah made it known to him. 

He informed part thereof and left a part. And when he told her son thereof, she said, who told you this? He said the older, they are all aware. Allah has told me, then Allah the most high says, if you take the lives of the prophet meaning Ayesha and Hansa turn and repent to Allah, it will be better for you.  This is a best example example for you that you should never share your secrets with others.

Your hearts are indeed. So inclined to oppose what the Prophet likes. But if you help one another against him, meaning profit will have money, then verily Allah is his moala, Lord or master protector and jibril and the righteous among the believers. And furthermore, the angels are his helpers, then the prophet peace. 

He withdrew from his wives for a month because of the secret that Hafsa had disclosed to Asia. It is also advised not to share secrets unnecessarily in the first place. Many people have regretted this with the advance of technology. We are living in a time where everything is out there. 

Devices can easily catch your secrets:

Problem with this is that these devices can easily catch your secrets and expose them to the world. The internet has created a new world where all of our lives are shared on social media. It has also become easier than ever for anyone to find out anything about us. But the more we share online, the more vulnerable we are to hesitant jealousy. 

This also gives birth to so many other sins like backbiting and accusation. If a jealous person cannot do anything to harm that person with whom he’s jealous of. Then he tries to talk about him at the back. Usually, with intentions to spoil his image. Sometimes the intensity of jealousy gets too much high that are person, does not satisfy with backbiting, then he reaches to accusation, which is no doubt, a major sin considered in Islam.

Never Share your secrets to your beloved:

There are a few things you shouldn’t share with friends. One being the secrets that occur within your own family. Secrets are a trust, which should be preserved, being negligent and preserving. This trust makes one lose her husband’s trust. Therefore, beware of the secrets of your home, the topic of your chat or a heart to heart talk as you might imagine. 

Do not think that your friend will keep your secret, which you could not keep yourself. Keeping the secrets of your home in general, and especially your intimate relations, with your husband is required under Sharia.

And his part of your worship of Allah, the Almighty psychologists stress, the fact that the wife’s heart to heart talk with her female friends, and this closing, her home secrets mostly result in worry more than comfort. 

It is true that she may feel temporarily and immediately comfortable. But worry will dominate her when these secrets are spread and she reaps regret and loss. No man is ever pleased with having his marital life secrets disclosed Oh, mama been tell Harris. My love has mercy upon her, warranting her daughter against this before her wedding night and her well-known advice. 

You will not be safe from betrayal:

When she said, if you reveal his secret, you will not be safe from his betrayal. The secrets of the home are not of the same degree of importance. There are secrets about the private relations between spouses, which they should keep only to themselves. We previously mentioned the warning of the prophets, Allahu Akbar against revealing such secrets. It’s cleared that You should never share your secret.

There are secrets that are relevant to the differences between the spouses. Revealing such secrets should be according to their gravity. The wise wife is the one who keeps these secrets and only reveals to those who would help and solve the problem. However, she should not reveal them to our friends or relatives. Rather, she should reveal them to those. 

She believes to be wise and able to achieve the divine advice as conveyed in the verse where Allah, the Almighty says, and if you fear dissension between the two, send, an arbitrator from his people and an arbitrator from her people, if they both desire reconciliation, allow will cause it between them, indeed allies ever knowing and acquainted with all things. 

However, life should not hasten to do. So as soon as a problem occurs or when any tiny problem surfaces, There are many problems which do not need any interference from anyone rather than they need wisdom. And patience on the wife’s part You should also not reveal your plans and business ventures to certain people. 

According to Hadith and Verses:

Their numerous hadith and ironic verses stop us from sharing feature plans with others as it may have a negative impact on the plan itself. As the evil eye may alter its profit. Muhammad peace, be upon him as advised us to maintain privacy while sharing our goals achievements and plans with others, according to narration by muahjoban the prophet Muhammad Salah said Seek help while your needs are being met and seclusion, as those who are blessed. 

Always envied:

Are always envied. Oh, Allah, I seek refuge with your perfect words from evil. From every devil. And from poisonous past, and from every evil harmful envious eye, the devil is an evil figure who tends to become happy at the loss of the people of Allah. He’s the open enemy of all the people and he can throw his card when things are being blessed to you to make things worse for you. 

Even if we read some sort of music, we shall know that the plan should be kept private profit. Yaqoob told Prophet Yusuf mentioned in the Quran. Oh my son. Do not relate your vision to your brothers or they will contrive a plan against you?

Indeed. Satan to man is a manifest enemy Thereby, we should make sure that if a plan is in their process and things are going as per plan, we don’t need to share it with everyone. 

We continue when the plan is successful, my dear brothers and sisters guarding a secret is the same as guarding one’s chastity. Those who keep a secret, whether personal or a friend, keep themselves chased, conversely, Those who spread secrets damage their honor and reputation by leaving them and guarded. 

If you want to tell someone a secret, be sure that you could trust him or her with your honor. Here, she must be as meticulous about keeping your secrets as he or she would be about his, or her own honor and unreliable person. One who is ignorant of the valley of chastity. 

Respect the secret of others:

Should not be entrusted with keeping your secret. Keeping a secret, and respecting the secret of others, as opposed to prying into them, is a virtue related to self-discipline and sensitivity. Those who lack understanding, cannot guard a secret. And those who do not care about the consequences of words and actions cannot be considered discrete. 

It is usually wise or not to relate your private concerns to others especially if they’re unattractive, offensive or lacking in merit. Doing so can embarrass loved ones and delight enemies and have other unpleasant consequences as well.

Hearts are created as safes. For keeping secrets Intelligence is their lock Will power is their key? 

No one can break into the safe and steal its valuables. If the lock or key are not faulty alone, Bear in mind that those who carry other secrets to you might bear yours to others. Do not give such tactless people any chance to learn even as well as details of your private concerns. 

Interfering with family honor:

If you trust another secret to someone who previously disclosed one, your lack of perception in poor judgment in choosing a confident person is played for all to see. One who’s owned is firm on this matter and who is vigilant. Cannot be deceived and seduced repeatedly in this way. There are secrets related to the person, the family, and the nation, my disclosing a personal secret. 

You are interfering with a person’s honor by disclosing a family secret. You are interfering with a family’s honor, and by disclosing a national secret, you are interfering with the nation’s honor. A secret is a power only as long as it stays with its owner, but it is a weapon that may be used against its owner, if it passes into the hands of others, this is the meaning of one of our traditional sayings. 

The secret is your slave:

The secret is your slave but you become enslaved. If you disclose it, the details of many important affairs can be protected. Only if they kept secret often enough when they involved parties, do not keep certain matters secret. We suggest you that never share your secrets with other.

No progress is achieved. In addition, serious risks might confront those who are involved particularly if the matter concerns delicate issues of national life and its continuation. 

If a country cannot protect its secrets from its enemies. It can’t develop if an army reveals its strategy to its antagonists, it can’t attain victory. If key workers are one over by the competitors, the employers cannot succeed. Explain what you must but never give away all of your secrets. 

Those who freely publicize the secrets of their hearts drag themselves and their nation towards an inevitable downfall?

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