Places to visit in Kerala:

Hello Travelers, today I have brought you information about the tourist places to visit in Kerala in the southern state of India. In this article, I have given you all the important information about places to visit in Kerala and how to reach Kerala.

Kerala is one of the most southern beautiful states of India. Every year lakhs of tourists come here to see the beauty of Kerala. The backwaters and lagoons add to the beauty of Kerala. Kerala is famous all over India for its antiquity and culture. Talking about the culture of Kerala, it is many thousands of years old.

If I talk about the history of Kerala, then the first period of Kerala is considered to be from 1000 BC to 300 AD. Kerala is also described in mythology. According to a legend, Lord Parashurama had thrown his Parashu into the sea. After that, the land in the shape of Parashu came out in the sea. That is what is known as Kerala today. Evidence of the existence of humans in Kerala has been found in the 10th century AD.

If you have already made up your mind to visit Kerala, then now I will tell you about 10 famous tourist places to visit in Kerala, the Top 10 Tourist Places to visit in Kerala. Where you must visit. Kerala is a very beautiful place to spend the holidays. You must know the best time to visit Kerala before visiting.

There are many places to visit in Kerala. But today in this article I will tell you in detail about 10 famous tourist places in Kerala that you should visit. And you can include all these places in your Kerala Tourist Places List. You should also read the article in which guided the Best tips To Save Money on Travel

1. Munnar

Munnar is one of the most prominent tourist places in Kerala. Munnar is one of the largest tea gardens in South India. It is not that Munnar is known only for its tea gardens. Munnar is also known for its natural beauty. This place encapsulates the beautiful scenery of nature in itself. Each year, millions of tourists flock here to see it. To visit Munnar, you must visit the tea gardens, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and Eravikulam National Park; these are the major tourist places here.

2. Kochi

This tourist place of Kerala is also known as Cochin. This place is famous for the business place of Kerala. Kochi port is about 600 years old. Cochin is called the queen of the Arabian Sea. Art galleries, upmarket stores, and heritage accommodations are some of the places to visit here. You can also add Kochi a must-visit place to your list.

3. Wayanad

Kerala’s Wayanad is one of the most popular tourist destinations. There are wildlife and spice plantations in Wayanad. There are many sights to see here, such as beautiful waterfalls and historical caves. Wayanad is situated on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu; it is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges from all sides. Which also enhances the beauty of this place? Believe this much that this place of yours is going to make your trip very thrilling. Visit this place as soon as possible.

4. Alleppey

You will enjoy this place a lot if you are into boating. Here you will find many rivers which are on the seashore. And here are canals, backwater, famous temples, and traditional boat races will also be seen. This place in Kerala is also called the home of the lagoon. If I talk about the beauty of this place in a few words, then this place is going to make your Kerala trip very beautiful. Here you are going to get a different experience of the sea area.

5. Thrissur

This tourist destination of Kerala is known for its culture, performing arts, religious places, and the famous festival of Onam. If you do not visit this festival in Kerala, your trip is not complete. Thrissur is one of the popular tourist places to visit in Kerala.

6. Varkala

This tourist place is known for its waterfalls. You can do Paragliding can also be here. Experience the beauty of nature is going to be different. You come to the beach. You will also find many temples in Varkala, in which there is Shivagiri Math, Vishnu Temple, Fort of the Fort. This whole philosophical place attracts tourists to itself.

7. Kumarkom

An unforgettable trip to Kerala begins with a visit to Kumarakom. You can spend some of your time in the houseboat. You will also have the opportunity to see the boat race here if you have come here during the Onam in August. Here in House Vote, you can get a good experience of the beautiful moments of Kerala. You should see the best places to visit in Kerala if you want a memorable experience. So you must go here once.

8. Poovar

Poovar is the beautiful island of Kerala. Most of the tourists come to see the beautiful view of the sunset. This place is home to the fishermen here whose culture also attracts tourists to visit here. The beautiful view of golden sand and sunset here is worth seeing. You must visit here once.

9. Kozhikode

Kozhikode in Kerala was earlier known as Calicut. You will get to see pepper plantations, coffee, and rhubarb here. You can also include this place in your tourist list.

10. Thiruvananthapuram

It cannot happen that Kerala should be discussed and the ancient temples here are not described. The Padmanabhaswamy temple of Lord Vishnu is located in Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala is also considered the city of God. The most beautiful temples are found in Kerala. You must visit once to visit the temple of Lord Vishnu here.

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