Power of Knowledge:

Knowledge Is Power Essay- Knowledge is something that will serve you your whole life. The most powerful thing in the world is knowledge because it can create and destroy life on earth. Moreover, knowledge helps us distinguish between humans and animals. Knowledge is the ability to use your knowledge to help others.

The Messenger SAW said: “Whoever pursues a path for knowledge, Allah SWT will ease for him or her a path that leads to Jannah”. Allah Said: “ He will raise the people of belief from amongst you and those who were given knowledge in high degrees Are those people who have knowledge equal to those who don’t?. 

We understand the answer. The answer is they are not equal. They are not equal in their lives, in their acts, in their intentions, they are not equal when they die and they are not equal in their graves and they will not be equal in the gardens of Jannah with Allah SWT.

Knowledge is an important aspect in your life. Do you want to increase the power of knowledge of Islam?That may be the most simple of things in our lives. Even if we are twenty or sixty years old, we still don’t have enough knowledge of our lives.

Distinction between knowledge and information

Knowledge is what makes you act upon it, it makes you get up and pray at night. It is what brings you to masjid at Fajr. if you don’t act upon it. We don’t consider knowledge. So it’s really important that we understand that the fruit of knowledge we gain is to act upon it. This is the power of knowledge.

There is knowledge that everybody one of us has to know. There is knowledge that is not obligatory for all of us. So as for the knowledge that is essential for every muslim to know.Then it can be best by saying the five pillar of Islam and details of them.

Six Pillars of Iman and details of them and whatever is essential for you in your personal circumstances. It will help us how to pray, how to fast, to know when the Zakat is obligatory and when to give it.

To know what it means to believe in Allah. To believe in the last day. This is essential knowledge for every muslim. This is obligatory upon everymale and female and every young person and every old person.

There is knowledge which is a collective obligation. So what is a collective obligation?

It’s an obligation that we have as a community and as a group of Muslims. We have to have that knowledge among us somewhere. Enough people that they need are fulfilled.

 Mankind will realize on the day of judgment that not every rath of ilm will lead to paradise. 

Rather some human beings, students of knowledge, attendees of Halaqaat, of Friday Sermons, people who had memorized the text and subscribed to courses will be shocked on the last day. When they see the angels of Allah Almighty being commanded to take them to a destination that they had not prepared for.

That is because the messenger SAW warned us that every aspect of knowledge is not beneficial. Therefore we ask the question, what are the signs? That the knowledge I am pursuing,  you are pursuing is taking us in the right direction. Power of knowledge can lead us to destroy or regenerate the world.

A realization that we need before we pursue, before we attend anymore Friday sermons. These are the questions that must be answered. What are the signs? There are many, therefore we will only be discussing four of them.

Perhaps these are the most famous of them and important as well. 

The First is the beneficial knowledge that brings about in the heart of people true fear of Allah, this is undoubtedly chief of all signs. This is the beauty of islam that will leads us to success.

Allah Said:

“It is the only people of knowledge from amongst the slaves of Allah who truely fear him”.

They recognized him.They understand his divine names and majestic attributes. They have understanding of Halal and Haram, The seerah of Muhammad SAW. Thus there heart is filled with awe, fear,hope in Allah Almighty.

Abdullah Ibn Masood, he would say,

“Knowledge is not about memorizing many narrations. Knowledge is the fear of Allah SWT. Sufficient is the fear of Allah as a product of knowledge and sufficient of self-admiration as a product of ignorance. If the Knowledge that you are messing on a daily basis, May Allah Bless you, is not restraining you from missing salah and prayers”

If your knowledge is encourageable and your investments and your god given hours. How you are investing those.This the power of knowledge. If your knowledge is not preventing you from raising a bruising fist at your spouse, then this is not the type of knowledge that will rescue you on the day of judgment.

Knowledge is that voice that you constantly hear in your head, in your heart, in your soul, speaking to you. Always advising you, Rearranging your priorities and managing your actions. That’s why you should know about the power of knowledge.

The moment we raise our hand to Haram,or our eyes to haram. Knowledge screams at you “

What are you doing? Don’t you fear Allah? Have shyness of Allah? Where is your Hayah? This is the benefit of knowledge. It is such a loyal advisor. It is such an honest friend. It introduces you to the majesty of Allah. Remind you of his divine names and that you never consider haram.

This is the purpose of knowledge of Islam. We hope you will like it.

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