Trends in printing are providing that people love as products. These trends are going to be fashions and norms, which mould into the future of printing in Pakistan. The up-gradation of the Pakistani printing industry to these new standards is a must for all companies involved in it. There has been the dominance of offset printing press in Pakistan with other types of conventional printing technologies. This technology has been in use for several decades and there are new technologies coming and establishing. But, in Pakistan, there is a need for a thorough up gradation that will take the Pakistani printing industry to the future. You can read about the trends of printing that are forming new fashions. You can also read about how these trends are going to be the future of the Pakistani industry.

1: Future of Printing in Pakistan, the new Technologies:

Pakistani print industry has already gone into transition during COVID-19. This pandemic is proving to be a factor in almost the most significant trend in the industry. And do you know what this trend is? It’s none other than the skyrocketing of online work. This trend has brought some new norms that people are keen to use all over the world. The same is the case in Pakistan, where a significant fraction of people prefers online shopping. And this trend is making physical shopping less popular, and the trend is going to continue for quite some time. Online shopping is not a printing technology, but for printing companies, it has become a major change. And they are shifting their marketing strategies from physical to online stores and shops.

2: Ink-Jet Printing:

Inkjet is among the latest technologies for printing in Pakistan. This technology uses different types of sub-technologies like DOD or drop-on-demand. This printing is useful; the companies do not use this technology, and it is for smaller productions. Therefore, these printers are more useful for smaller organizations and home printers.

3: Sustainability and Ink:

Sustainability in the print industry has never had as much worth as many Pakistani people are looking for. This feature of print items and materials used for them make them more eco-friendly. Moreover, this trend helps keep the world a place with lesser waste. Just like the trend in other countries, this trend is going to mould and form the future of the industry here.

4: Digital Printing:

Digital printing is an easier process with no hard and hectic works. This type of printing can print straight from different digital files with various file formats. Unlike offset printing, digital printing does not use and plates or any liquid ink. This kind of printing can help in a more optimized way in smaller needs of printing. There are certain benefits of this kind of printing, like:

  • The setup costs for short runs are lower, so you can use it for smaller projects
  • You can print the number of prints you need
  • It has lower costs of black and white printing
  • Its technology is improved, and can is helpful for several types of uses

5: Digital Label Printing:

Digital label printing is quite similar to digital printing. However, this process does not involve any plates for printing, and it saves money as there is no need for plates. One of the most important procedures of this type of printing is finishing and die-cutting. The third process is winding and shipping.

6: Best Finishes and Special Effects:

There are so many print finishes that can help with the marketing materials you need. Some of them are:

  • Spot UV
  • Lamination
  • Varnishes
  • Metallic links
  • Die-cutting
  • Debossing letterpress
  • Foil stamping

7: New Substrates in The Market:

Modern technology is bringing in new substrates in the market. There are several types of new materials that are printed in different kinds of printing services. Some of these substrates are:

  • Paperboard
  • Cardboard
  • Parchment
  • Polyester
  • Polystyrene
  • PVC
  • PETG

8: Customization in Printing:

Customization in printing is something that has been there for a long. In this process, the product gets the touch according to the people’s needs who want to use it. There is a lot of involvement of the client in this type of printing. This technology has been in Pakistan for a long now and promises a lot of help for the Pakistani market. There are so many types of products that can be customized in the printing industry. Boxes are one of them are, other products include:

  • Printed clothes
  • Printed footwears
  • Printed mugs and blankets
  • Custom printed stickers

9: Offset Printing:

There are so many uses of offset printing, like business cards, postcards, brochures, pocket folders, and greeting cards. You can also get online offset printing in Pakistan from many companies that provide quality products. There are things like calendar printing as well that you can get from offset printing. This type of printing has been there in Pakistan for a long time and is still one of the most used technologies. This technology is still going to be one of the technologies in the future of printing in Pakistan.

10: Hybrid Printing:

Among the latest technologies in the Pakistani industry is hybrid printing. It’s a type of printing that includes a more straightforward process. You just have to receive the files from the client, and the printers can recognize them.

11: 3D Printing:

3D printing is one of the most important technologies on the rise of the modern printing world. It is a type of process that can print more complex shapes. It involves something that has never been on the market before. This means it is a technology with more excellent prospects for industries other than just printing. 3D printing can make things that are according to the needs of the client. Moreover, these things or products have three dimensions that make them more useable. These products have usability for different uses as they are end products for many industries. This technology is really going to reform the future of printing in Pakistan. Some of the types of products 3D printers make are:

  • Furniture
  • Wax casting for jewellery
  • Gift items
  • Toys
  • Shoe designs

12: Screen Printing:

Screen printing is something that has been on the market for quite a time. It uses a process that involves stencilled design to a flat surface with ink and squeegee. This process is also known as silk screening, is one of the most used printing processes in Pakistan. Screen printing has some advantages like:

  • Big order friendly
  • Versatile results
  • Great finish
  • Straightforward

13: The Current Trends in Pakistan:

Offset, lithography, screen printing and many others have been there in Pakistan. These printing technologies also going to be there in the future of the Pakistani industry. All of these trends are now shifting to 3D printing and digital printing. Moreover, inkjet printers have been influential in different product printing processes. The future of printing in Pakistan is quite bright with technologies coming in.


If you talk about Labels printing or even booklets printing, you can get them in Pakistan. These printing technologies have a lot to offer for the industry and market. And there are so many new technologies and printing methods coming into play in the Pakistani print market. You must go on and make the new technologies your’s to get the results you want. As these technologies are improving day by day, there are more and more chances of improvement in results. All of these new technologies can really reform the Pakistani industry, which they have already started doing.

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