About Sammy EHR

Sammy EHR is a popular cloud based EMR system that you could use from everywhere all at any time of the day. To assist you to simplify your medical and managerial processes, Sammy EMR System integrates into a Practice Management Platform seamlessly. Sammy EMR System is ideal for little to medium-sized offices and it promises to optimize medical, budgetary, and organizational operations.

Clinicians have depended on Sammy EHR, a Podiatry-specific electronic health records platform, for over three decades. From maintaining a record of your everyday schedule to facilitating workers with internal messaging, this system can manage it all. Sammy EHR is a terrific option for any healthcare practice

If you want to know why Sammy EHR software is so loved by podiatry specialists, this article is for you. As we move forward, we’ll discuss Sammy EHR features, Sammy EHR pricing, and more so keep reading!

Sammy EHR: Podiatry Specific Top 4 features

  1. Claims Management

While uploading information, the Sammy EMR System assists you in detecting errors in claims. In simple terms, the claims management tool enables you to resolve any errors that occur throughout the data entry process. When you use Sammy EMR, you’ll see a significant drop in the number of claims that are refused as a result of this functionality.

Additionally, computerized eligibility checking ensures that your clients are eligible for insurance. Furthermore, when their information is uploaded in the system, it validates that their insurance is operational, saving you money and energy in responding with denied claims.

  • Faster Note Taking

One of Sammy’s services focuses solely on making effective and valuable documents. To avoid having to retype old material into each entry, you can computerize the input functionality and duplicate previous statements with a click of the mouse. Sammy EMR’s user-friendly capabilities allow podiatrists to record notes quicker than they could traditionally.

There are templates available that have been designed with frequent foot problems and therapies in mind. A voice recognition tool is also offered. The latter converts users’ audio to text and displays it on a monitor. As an outcome, practitioners can simultaneously record clinical notes.

  • Interactive Patient Portal

An electronic patient portal is available to simplify the work of both doctors and clients. Individuals can take a personal and effective part in obtaining quality healthcare by using this portal. They can make consultations whenever it is suitable for them. There are fewer risks of late arrivals and no-shows because individuals pick the location / place themselves.

Clients can complete out registration and check-in documents ahead of time, which eliminates long waits before visits. Users can also review their discharge reports, check medical reports, interact with physicians, and obtain prescription refills using the portal.

  • Easy and Simple Documentation Process

The medical documentation procedure is another useful component of Sammy EMR. The medical record is easy to generate with Sammy EMR. You can utilize the automatic entry feature to save time by not having to review prior data and simply duplicating the earlier statements with one tap. This feature helps you focus more on the patient and their treatment rather than worrying about work. 

Sammy EHR: Pros and Cons


  • Designed specifically for podiatrists’ requirements. The templates, as well as the billing codes, adhere to podiatry-specific vocabulary.
  • The software is extremely user friend and there is a very small learning curve
  • The ability to store photographs alongside essential medical files has improved record-keeping and made it simpler for physicians to communicate conditions with individuals.


  • Customer Support is not as good as other EHR Software companies
  • Template library is very limited

Sammy EHR Reviews

In regards to it’s reviews, the platform has received a lot of appreciation. It has a 4.5-star overall grade, which is extremely impressive. Altogether, this software will assist you in running your clinic smoothly.

Sammy EHR Pricing

When it comes to Sammy EHR pricing, the program has a fair spectrum. It costs $359 per month to utilize the service. This is a relatively inexpensive pricing for EHR software, especially considering the number of functions included.If you want to schedule a Sammy EHR demo, visit Software Finder.

Final Thoughts! 

You’re probably thinking if we advise shifting to Sammy EHR Software now that we’ve talked about it’s pricing, features and reviews in detail. Obviously, the decision is totally yours. We suggest getting a Sammy EHR demo from the vendor before making a final decision. This may assist you in making a more informed decision. Furthermore, we would suggest reading out as many Sammy EHR reviews as possible to have an idea of what the users think about the software.

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