Although getting a new smartphone is always exciting, changing the brand entirely might feel stressful for some. One might think the transition will be painful, but today it is not the case. If you’ve wondered whether you should opt for Samsung Galaxy or not, this article will help you make a decision.

There are a lot of amazing opportunities this series offers, so it would be a shame to miss out on them. Here are the main benefits of Galaxy smartphones.

Multiple Samsung Mobiles in a line.


This is the first thing to keep in mind. Samsung devices are usually significantly more affordable than Apple phones. This is particularly important for young adults and college students as they are often tight with money.

A college education is notoriously expensive, and there are lots of disbursements that come with it. Students do not need to add to their debt. And with a wide range of models among Samsung Galaxy phones, they can get a functional and powerful device at a reasonable price.

And those saved costs can go to better means, like buying textbooks or investing in homework assistance. A lot of students do struggle with academic writing as it is quite complex and requires a lot of time. Experienced authors offer writing, proofreading, and editing of all types of college papers. They can polish it or do it all from scratch. This allows the opportunity to learn from the best and keep up with deadlines and grades with little to no effort.

Samsung offers a great range of devices that have amazing functionality but do not break one’s budget.

Security and Privacy

The next strong point for choosing Samsung Galaxy is that it delivers several layers of protection when it comes to data. This is incredibly important in the modern age of numerous cyber security threats. Advance protection helps keep not only your social media safe but also all the sensitive info like bank accounts.

So what goes into Samsung security? There are several things to mention, namely:

  • Knox Security. It is a set of features and protocols to safeguard both hardware and software. It includes encryption and mobile protection from the moment you turn the device on.
  • Knox Vault is added to the latest models. It offers memory protection (tamper-resistant) and a secure processor. You can also lock all sensitive data like passwords, PIN, or bio metrics.
  • Advanced bio metrics protection with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Devices from S10 and newer have an in-built sensor that creates a 3D model of your finger, which makes it incredibly accurate. There is also face recognition functionality.
  • Samsung Pass is a free password manager that keeps all your accounts protected. It works with bio metrics and allows easy and fast access to all platforms one might use.
  • Secure Folder feature. One can create a locked folder for the most sensitive information. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, it will be safe. It adds another layer to open. One can use a password, bio metrics, or PIN.

One of the great things about a security folder is that you can use one application both ways, for instance. You can have it on the home screen and the second instance in the secure folder.

Samsung Mobile

Wide Range of Apps

Android has built an astonishing ecosystem of available applications, from a broad range of productivity apps to tools for finance management and gaming. And a huge number of them are free. Android represents about 85% of the market when it comes to smartphones.

So it is not surprising that there are more tools designed specifically for this operating system.

Multitasking Screen

Another excellent functionality Samsung Galaxy offers is multitasking. The screens are designed so that one can work with several apps at the same time. You can turn Multi Window on Galaxy phones and view two apps at the same time on the screen, for instance. The screen will be split between them horizontally.

This is essential for professionals and students as well. You can research sources and make notes at the same time. Or you can combine email and Office apps or Spotify and Health apps.

Or one can use Pop-Up view, where one app becomes a smaller floating window over another one.

Samsung DeX

This is an incredibly useful feature one might not know about. From Samsung Galaxy S8 and higher, you can use your smartphone to power a desktop. Basically, one can turn the device into a laptop-like experience.

You can use apps, keyboard shortcuts, and almost anything you’d be doing on an actual laptop. It is a great embedded system that makes working on the go much easier. This system integrates with a display that enables Mira cast technology, like Smart TVs or monitors.

Office Suite

Samsung partnered with Microsoft to make all the Office apps available instantly on the device. So you can work with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files from the moment you get your hand on a new smartphone.

One Drive is also available instantly. One can create, edit, and save various files. And you can also access the Samsung Galaxy of the best gaming mobile devices from a Windows-powered computer. For instance, one can send messages, launch apps, make calls, or view a gallery. This creates a full ecosystem with constant availability.

Powerful Battery

Samsung devices have long battery life, and the newest ones also offer super fast charging. It withholds up to 45 watts, so one can charge a phone much faster.

There is also a smart power-saving mode available. With it, one can go even several days without recharging, which is quite impressive. Some of the Samsung Galaxy devices deliver another amazing functionality – Wireless Power Share. One can power up another phone with their device. Or you can charge your buds by putting them on your phone.

In Summary

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are best gaming mobile offer powerful functionality at reasonable prices. There is a great range of models to choose from. These devices are great for speedy performance, long-lasting battery life, and multitasking.

They also perfectly integrate with other Samsung devices, whether it is a Smart TV or a wearable gadget like a watch. 

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