Before developing an application, you go through many things, like what kind of app you will create what feature you need in your SharePoint application. You saw the success stories of other developers to let you know how to become an entry-level entrepreneur. To try the idea at least and launch an app. Buts once you start developing, you will learn many things, from your success to your failure. And if you always come with some good ideas and a positive attitude. Then the results will be effective in the end. It promises many motivational things—for example, revenue generation, effective leverage, and expectations of positive changes. Your positive approach and innovative ideas will attract the best SharePoint Application Development Company in New York.

Today we have every kind of application for making our life easy like architectural apps, mobile Apps . For example, online shopping applications, money transfer applications, gaming applications, applications for audio & video, and many more. And we live in this ecosystem. And today, we are in that kind of situation where we can’t deny these applications to connect with ourselves. Application development is a billion-dollar industry, and many businesses are also investing in this industry to expand it more. The procedure of developing an application is quite tricky lengthy too. From idea to launch, it involves many steps from strategy to brainstorming to designing to hiring the right team of experts.

You can also consider the best SharePoint Developers to get the job done. So, you can successfully launch your new application for mobile. But once you come up with a unique idea for app development. No matter what objectives you want to achieve with it. But one thing you should keep in your mind the market for SharePoint Application development is very competitive. It is very tough to stand out, and it takes a considerable amount to invest. But, considering both time and budget, you should be simply good enough.

Let’s take as side this app launches rights now. And have a look at how to start an app first. Then you can move on to develop an application and go in-depth with the SharePoint Application Development process.

In this writing piece, we will mention all the brief points in application launching. So, let’s get started.

Deep Research

This is the first phase of SharePoint Application Development . In this, you have to inform about everything you do. Learning and going through all the aspects of development is deep research of the market. You also have to check what is market offering is current. And after collecting all this data, you can find a gap. And this will be game-changing for a developer to fill the gap and serve a new version. To make an app stand out in the competitive market. Always try to find the problems like what is still missing, how things can be more convenient. Suppose your application is problem-solving for people. Then your idea will surely get success.

You should research the extensive market to discover you.

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are companies doing to strengthen their apps?
  • What strategy do they make?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of other app development companies?
  • What are their creative selling points?
  • How do customers respond to their application by giving feedbacks on different online platforms?

A few ways to analyze your market along with the competition

  • Organize market research: This contains researching subjects like your users’ behaviors, values, lifestyle, habits, and interests.
  • Conduct research on competitors: see what other companies are offering to the audience. How are they grabbing the attention of people out there? Why do people like their mobile apps? Then, try to improve upon them by analyzing and resolving their top advantages out in the market.
  • Create profit of customer: In this, you should include some details—for example, age, gender, location, occupation, nationality, and religion.


When you are done identifying answers to all these questions, you will be defining your idea as a successful app by making a strategy. As your app’s objective might be different from another, you will be able to focus on your idea and clearly describe your creative idea. And take on the problems out there. Apparently, from this, you will be able to avoid the mistakes of your competitors. And also, their strategies that work. And move to the path to solving it. There are millions of mobile apps available in the market. And this is your chance to ensure your app makes a stand. Analyze the best marketplace platform like google play store or apple app store to go through what else is out there. If some apps fix the description, it’s either bad news or good news. It might open the door for new app businesses to take advantage of the market because there might be some invalid things in the market that your app could fill in. But on the other side, there might not be a market at all for the app.

Analysis and Planning

In this stage, your app idea starts taking shape and turns into an actual project. Analyzing and planning will capture detailed functional needs. And it will begin with defining use cases. Make a product roadmap after you are done identifying all requirements for your app. It contains to give priority to SharePoint app requirements and making alliance into a delivery milestone. Suppose your cost or resources and time are already a concern. Then make sure to define your MVP (minimum viable product). Prioritize this for the initial or pre-launch.

From the side of planning, it includes the initial development of your app; it will identify the skills required for your app. For example, Android and iOS both platforms have different development techniques. Both have different technology stacks. If your goal is to develop a mobile app for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Then you should have an iOS developer and Android developer in your mobile app development team. We are considering only these two platforms because these are the most popular platform in the market. And the most used one also.

Optimize experience of App Store

When you get done with research, analyze the market, and plan what kind of app you will develop. In the end, users will rush to the app store if they want to download the app. And if the results are good enough or the app won’t be able to impress the user. Whether it’s the thumbnail image your app is using or the description, etc., even a single minor glitch could take it to loss. And apparently, the audience will lose interest, and all you have is your unsuccessful story.

So how to optimize your app in the app store?

What is the name?

Have you thought about the name of your app yet? Having a compact and solid name for your app is essential. First, do studies and tests to determine which app name attracts the most and how users respond to it. Then, go through each app store, ensuring the name you selected isn’t already used. Also, make sure how the name of your application is relevant to what it is delivering to the audience. Use some tricky and confusing names and avoid the use of too many characters in the name. Names of a SharePoint app are like a domain names. And this has to be unique within each app store.

Capture with description

If you want an opportunity to pitch your idea to users, put a description of your app. Remember that most users won’t bother reading the lengthy explanation, so make things minimal and sweet. The first few lines in the sentence should carry the value of your app. To achieve better rankings of your app, make sure you use target keywords. This will aid in bringing more users to your app.

Imagery is everything

Users get drawn to attractive and creative icons and images. So, make sure to choose yours carefully. This contains the thumbnails you will be using for your SharePoint app in the App store.

User experience

UX refers to user experience. Mobile users prefer those apps which look tremendous and functionally well. Therefore, app design is an essential part of a SharePoint Application Development process. For better user adoption, make sure your SharePoint app should have an intuitive user design. In mobile app UI\UX design, the productivity of the app is as important as the functional. Since users have fewer controls and smaller devices than an application for a desktop version, make your design the first priority to SharePoint app development.

To give a flawless, effortless, and engaging user experience with a polished look, app designing is essential, which is why prioritizing it. The success of a SharePoint app is depended on how well users are adopting and enjoying its all feature. So, provide an excellent user experience and making your app user-friendly and interactive. These are the goals of UI\UX design. So, the people will keep engaging with the app.

Final Thoughts

There is no one discrete answer to how to start app development. Because app development is a continuous process, and it will continue after the initial launch. As you receive user reviews and you have to make the consistency to build additional functionality. The idea of app-only won’t be enough. To ensure success for run long, make sure to take the proper steps early. Prioritize your research and consistently analyze your competitor and market. Take time to concentrate on how users interact with your app before adding new features and updates to the app.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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