The modern wardrobe man has expanded considerably in comparison with the range of clothes, even our parents. Stylish men shirt clothing designers are getting more aggressive and show more imagination and creativity. Follow the latest trends or not – the choice of each individual. But some clothes should be present in the wardrobe of every stylish men shirt. They can be safely attributed to a variety of shirts from classic to Hawaiian. This season, a must-have item added a quick collar shirt. And there are several factors.


Long gone are the days when the shirt was exclusively a lot of business people and only accompanied by costume pants. Today, the choice is enormous: the classic strict, informal denim, exclusive club, short and long shirts. Men’s clothing options can vary cut, placement of buttons, cuffs, and collar shape.

Even if you do not consider yourself first-class, knowledge of the essential criteria for choosing shirts – necessary. Theoretical podkovannost in this matter is not only selecting the most suitable for something but always look confident and appropriate to the individual situation.


This discreet shirt part, like a collar, many people do not attach importance. And in vain! This piece of clothing plays an important role: it determines the format of the shirt, refers only to a specific type of neckties, and can even adjust the shape of the face.

Collars There are several basic types. The most familiar of all – it’s a classic. If you doubt the choice of the shape of the collar, such an option is quite a win-win. It is suitable for people who want conservative wardrobe and wear clothes in a predominantly business style.

The classic collar style also features is that it can be worn with varying thickness and density of ties and become a butterfly.

A variation of the classic collar is considered Italian. It is characterized by elongated ends, which are at a slightly greater distance from each other. Such an option is suitable for formal suits and an informal environment.

And here, the regular stand-up collar has the official name of “Mandarin” due to its Chinese ethnicity. It looks like a low and narrow sleeve with no cuffs. Therefore, a dress with such a model looks like a shirt without a collar.

Since this trend is now very urgent, you need to know the intricacies of wearing these shirts.


Trying to follow fashion trends, we must not forget that things are especially suitable for its owner. And even if it is at the peak of popularity in all fashion magazines, if the dress does not fit a particular shape or appearance of a person, he will look ridiculous.

A shirt without a collar fits guys with a long, well-defined neck. Due to the peculiarities of the cut stand-up collar profitable emphasize the harmony and sophistication of his master, it will look stylish men shirt and a little muddy.

People wear larger sizes and do not vary a slender neck, fit shirt with a classic collar, and variants. Stand-up collar, in this case, the risk of loss between the head and shoulders, and only emphasizes the seriousness of the figure.


A shirt with a stand-collar refers instead to lose garments. It is allowed to combine with costumes, but in cases where a strict business casual dress code, it is better to prefer models with classic collars.

But for everyday wear and office work with not very demanding dress code is a perfect white shirt without a collar. Men’s fashion is inconsistent, but the white model is always relevant.

Also trendy are stand-up collars on lightweight jackets that are perfect for summer holidays or parties. Such clothes will allow people to look stylish men shirt, not too formal, and at the same time comfortable.

If you belong to the lovers of active summer holidays, which means not only lying on the beach but also a party – your wardrobe should have a summer shirt. Men’s versions of summer clothes this season are different colors, fabrics, and textures, so pick up something to your taste; everyone can.


Even identify with the styles and models, the choice of shirt should approach with the utmost seriousness.

First of all, you should consider the composition of the tissue, especially if you want to choose a tag shirt. Male models often in the structure have a small percentage of synthetic threads. Manufacturers add it in small amounts to keep the shape of things better and longer worn. In the summer, this shirt industry reception is not valid: in hot weather, even a little bit of synthetic material in the body does not allow the skin to breathe and give a sauna effect.

A beautiful shirt is one hundred percent natural materials: cotton, linen, cotton. And then it will look not only pleasing but also be able to provide comfort to its owner.

Fashion is changeable: Every season, designers offer new items for business people and fans of casual styles who represent cool drawings with shirt. A fashionable period shirt without a collar deserves the attention of stylish men shirt who want to feel free and comfortable in any environment. If you have never worn such an article of clothing – it’s worth it! An adequately picked shirt will emphasize the dignity and adds a sophisticated image.

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