Hello friends and welcome to our website Yawadoud.com. Today we are going to do an interesting article on the Tesla Secret which we die-hard Tesla fans don’t even know.

Elon Musk is not the founder of Tesla

Elon Musk is not the founder of Tesla, Don’t worry. You are not the only one to believe that a Tesla must have been found. Many people have the misconception that Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla, The secret of tesla is not true Tesla was founded in 2003 by two American entrepreneurs and engineers namely Martin Everhart. and Mark Terpening.

He named his company Tesla Motors after Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor, and electrical engineer, Elon Musk became chairman of the board in February 2000, and after Everhart’s resignation in 2008, the company’s Started serving as CEO and since 2007 Elon Musk has been serving as CEO

Tesla’s secret is not only a car-making company.

Tesla is not into car making only yes you had another shocking revelation, right? Tesla company doesn’t manufacture just because it has motor offers to its Fans one thing that most people are unaware of is that Tesla Motor Company was rebranded as Tesla Company on 1 February 2017 to begin producing other items.

For example, subsidiary residential, industrial, and commercial consumers of Tesla’s secret Powerwall, and solar roof tiles are already well-known worldwide as low-cost alternative sources of energy for Tesla.

Energy is developing telogen and installing solar power 

The Source of Tesla Energy is developing telogen and installing solar power generation systems, This is a controversial debt of millions of dollars in today’s world. No one can escape controversies, be it celebrities, of all, how did Tesla even find himself? Amongst the many controversies, there was a report that the government gave Tesla an interest-free loan.

Tesla secret, However, not all disputes are true, as, in the case of Tesla, the United States government granted Tesla 465 in 2009 as part of its Advanced Technology Vehicle manufacturing program. The program was initiated by then-President George W.

Bush and regulated by the Department of Energy in May 2313, Tesla secret Rep.The government paid the full amount of the $465 million loan plus $26 million in interest. So now you know all the controversy surrounding just one false allegation.

You can’t stop the Tesla car engine.

Tesla secret never completely stops. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? It’s true technically you can’t turn off your Tesla completely because older Tesla models are designed in such a way that they can never be completely turned off even in sleep mode.

The reason is always working so that they get updates like software fixes in between to ensure owners don’t have to take vehicles to a maintenance center in the middle of the night.

More than 2,100 stations around the world.

The tesla free Supercharger access is not for all models. You have heard about superchargers they are the charging stations provided by the Tesla company for their cars as of the November 2020 report, where around 20,000 superchargers and more than 2,100 stations around the world they are extremely popular with the public, especially As the fuel 

Tesla is much faster than conventional electric charges as they typically unload road trips, the company of their free supercharger access for expensive models like the Model X works for cheaper versions like the Model S., you still have to pay for the charging service, but you must be curious to know how much it cost depends on the country and local electricity rate.

Let us assure you that the opposite is not true

hustle free easy maintenance Many customers have a false belief that Maintenance is the least expensive.

Let us assure you that the opposite is not true as tires and wipers are the only things that require frequent replacement, Tesla maintenance will not be heavy on the pocket.

Tesla cars secret is to do not require a traditional oil change, as do spark plug replacement fuel filters or emissions checks that gasoline cars require. 

So that’s lesson two is about the maintenance fee. Another good thing to know about the maintenance procedures, all Tesla models come with a factory warranty, which means that the company will repair your vehicle’s material or workmanship defects for the first few years. or place. This is wonderfully perfect.

Easter egg where players have to find hidden rewards.

Game for a lot of easter eggs. You may have heard of the term easter egg, but that’s not what you in the software world are thinking of here. Terror is used in the context of video games where players have to find hidden rewards, which will unlock certain content or secret features.

Similarly, Tesla 2 offers its customers easter eggs as an entertaining future for those who are game to discover hidden features waiting to be discovered, some of the most popular tesla easter eggs are rainbow charge port light Monty python James bond Ludacris free submarine mars rover, and starship sketch part mood Santa mood and many more Let’s talk about some of these cool easter egg emissions Test Imoto is usually called fart mode because it uses touch screen because of the driver game.

Shorts Ripper Not a Goose Boring Fall Falcon etc.

Some human beings may choose different ideas for the toilet by using it. It is hilarious to learn about the names of sounds like Short Shorts Ripper Not a Goose Boring Fall Falcon Heavy etc.

The sound can be activated when the return signal is to be given or when the driver left us during the scroll wheel. Have you ever tried this mode? Let us know in the revive section. We would love to hear about it.

Another great Easter egg is a sketch part, which is a perfect creative tool for kids and adults alike. You can explore the artistic side like getting caught in the middle of heavy traffic and even sending your masterpiece to Elon Musk. No, we are not getting it but yes, this feature is exclusive and Available only to Model Senior Model X owners. You can also access via remote as it has remote pc access software.

They can activate the special sketch part by topping two levels three times on the infotainment screen. Wow, and this is amazing. Christmas is not around, but with Tesla Santa Mood you can always feel that Jesus is one of the most popular Easter eggs this Christmas.

Santa Mood turns your cars into a sun display on a dusty display. Another wonderful feature is the Christmas Jingle, which will activate when the turn signal is used. So whenever you feel like Christmas is too far away, you know what to do. Beware of thieves. You’ll be happy to know.

How low death-proof Tesla thanks to Sentry Mode.

How low death proof Tesla thanks to Sentry Mode which continuously monitors any suspicious activity around a call when it is left present. It has three states namely standby OLED state and a long state, like many alarm systems standby The state uses external cameras to check for potential hazards of any kind.

Standby states were for alert status only by displaying a warning message on a touch screen which has come in the form of a recording when a minimal threat is detected as someone lingers on a call.

If a serious type of danger is detected such as a window breaking, or Alert Status, which is a long position, owners will receive an alert on the Tesla mobile enabling them to download a video recording of the incident. Will be Started 10 minutes before the thread is detected. So Call Them and Think Twice Before Planning To Steal Tesla.

Tesla may have made more profit from Bitcoin in the year 2021.

Tesla Profit Making It’s no surprise that Tesla has started a profitable business that would be surprising to learn that the Prophet didn’t just come from selling cars only Tesla In February 2021 a massive profit by investing in bitcoin and selling credits was revealed around $1.5 billion was invested in bitcoin and now soon I will allow clients to pay via bitcoin as per the report. Give. It has been hinted that Tesla may have made more profit from Bitcoin in the year 2021.

As the price of bitcoin in 2020 increased in car sales, we announced that Tesla regularly earns credits by selling credits, such as emissions and fuel economy standards, to other carmakers who penalize them for such sales.

To avoid this, buy Tesla and $401 million in the fourth quarter of 2020. 3 is the safest car. The last thing is also very important. Let’s talk about the safety standards of Tesla. Well, Elon Musk claimed that Tesla Model 3 is the safest car in the world. That may not be 100% correct but if you compare all Tesla models then The Model 3 rank.

Model X that’s received top honors from plenty of safety organizations

On its list of safe Tesla cars. It’s a Model X that’s received top honors from plenty of safety organizations, including the Five Star Crash Test Safety Reading from You and Consumer Information Agency in 2019’s Top Safety Pick from the Highway Safety Insurance Institute. The best safety feature of the Model S has to be its automatic emergency braking system that automatically shuts down any obstacles and calls, thus reducing the number of car accidents, a great feature hot-soft for Tesla today. this much only.

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