Daily Healthy Diet Caring for the health and agility of the body requires some basic principles that the individual follows daily in their diet to have a harmonious and healthy body, and this is achieved by developing a balanced diet free of fatty foods or foods prepared. which are often detrimental to the health of the individual. Provides toxins to your body.

We have often heard of the saying (a healthy mind resides in a healthy body), which means that the health and strength of the body are, of course, reflected in the alertness and concentration of the mind, making it active and realizing.

your daily activities. Homework Good and acceptable, and these are the tips that anyone who wants balance and continuous activity should follow.

A person should also eat foods that contain important basic nutrients such as vitamins and mineral salts (such as iodine, magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium), water, and protein, because a person’s daily diet directly affects their life and continued benefits. eating. Nutrient suppliment like Balance of Nature may help you reach your nutrient intake if your normal diet is lacking.

 Food protects the individual. From anemia or anemia, it helps to control the heart rate.

Steps to a Daily Healthy Diet

A person should get used to drinking water continuously on an empty stomach in the morning and before breakfast, at least two glasses of water, as well as drinking water directly before going to bed, and it should become a habit practiced by the individual and the body. I got used to it because of the wonderful benefits it enjoys.

Do not skip breakfast.

A person who wants to live healthy and free of toxins should avoid fried or greasy foods such as yellow cheese. If a person wants to eat it, there must be a certain number of bites.

It is necessary to avoid drinking carbonated water because it is one of the main causes of the rumen. Natural juices can be drunk because they are beneficial for the body and better than other drinks and its Daily healthy diet plan for your fitness.

Try to cut down on sweets and sugars and eat just one piece because they contain a lot of calories, which helps you gain weight.

When you are hungry, you can eat any fruit, such as an apple.

It is imperative to eat foods that contain starches because they help provide energy and activity to the body.

Eat all kinds of fish and fruits like bananas, apples, and oranges.

Eat eggs daily.

Eat lunch cereals like lentils, chickpeas, and beans.

Eat plenty of raw foods, such as broccoli, bell peppers, and tomatoes, as they contain the vitamins your body constantly needs.

Main Meals for the Daily Healthy Diet

  • breakfast

It is one of the most important meals that the body needs in the day because it provides you with energy so that you can carry out your daily activities and perform them with full vitality, alertness and concentration.

In the morning, the person can have a glass of milk or yogurt as an alternative with a small piece of bread and a piece of cheese or a boiled egg and any fruit.

  • food

It is the food necessary to provide the body with energy and half the nutritional value that an individual needs per day, and among the useful foods is rice without the husk, and studies have shown that it is very rich in the many and varied benefits that contribute. the body needs it, with eating pieces of meat, chicken or fish, but in limited quantities, with some advantages such as vegetables in the form of salad or soup.

  • Dinner

It is the last meal of the day and it should be light on the stomach and not contain much fat or fat so as not to lead to weight gain, but we can eat a salad with pieces of white cheese and fruit. Or a delicious fresh juice, preferably dinner before seven at night, you can also eat yogurt after that.

Important tips before following any diet

  • Drink many glasses of water a day

Water is vital for the body to be healthy and healthy, and it is not recommended to replace it with sodas that contain high levels of sugar and caffeine, as some do.

 In general, caffeine should not be taken so much that it causes a sudden rise in blood pressure because the body loses a lot of fluids.

 Therefore, it is preferable to drink two liters of water a day to expel toxins from the body and stimulate blood circulation, preferably at room temperature and completely away from cold water.

  • stay away from salt

You should avoid increasing salt in abundance in your meals, but putting a little of it, due to the harmful effect of salt on the body, which leads to high blood pressure.

  • Don’t forget breakfast

You have to make sure you eat breakfast every day in the morning by drinking any kind of natural juices or eating fruits full of vitamins that cleanse the body of toxins as well.

  • Do not deprive yourself of food

Consume all kinds of food and do not exclude any type of food, such as eating starchy foods daily due to their importance to health and containing less than half the calories, which is the opposite of usual.

  • Cut down on these foods

Avoid canned, quick and packaged foods and be sure to eat plenty of fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, between main meals and preferably two hours after main meals.

  • Physical aptitude

Do not forget to exercise weekly to stimulate blood circulation in the body.

The main meals are divided into


It is the first food humans eat. Preferably at seven in the morning or an hour after waking up, and the food should be without sugar.


It is best to eat four to six hours after breakfast and it should be a nutritious and easily digestible meal.

Food of the afternoon

It is preferable to take it 5 hours after the meal, since it increases the energy and activity of the organism from weakness and prevents hunger until dinner time.


It is the last main meal of the day, so it should be a healthy and light meal, as the body at this point is in the process of building new cells again and getting rid of calories instead of storing them in the body.

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