Razor Scooter have been on the market since 2000 and they continue to be wildly popular with kids and teens, and many adults as well. Scooters are portable, safe, inexpensive, and fun. But how do you know if you’re getting the best possible scooter? In this guide, we’ll teach you how to choose the right Razor scooter and how to keep it in tip-top shape so that you can enjoy it for years to come! Check out these razor scooter essentials before you buy!

A Solid Grip

It’s important that you have a solid grip on your scooter at all times. While some riders prefer using their hands, it’s best to make sure that your palms are steady and in control of the steering at all times. Razor has built its name around quality grips, so they should be one of your first considerations when buying equipment for your scooter. Not only will they feel good on your hands and make it easier to keep hold, but they also last longer than other brands. Sharp turns will not be an issue as long as you have grips that fit perfectly on your model.

Comfortable, Ergonomic Footrests

The footrests on most scooters are made from hard plastic. This makes them uncomfortable for many riders and difficult to rest your feet on for longer periods of time. Opt for a razor scooter with more comfortable foot rests, such as those made from rubber or those that fold down to create an incline on which you can place your feet. You’ll be able to ride longer without experiencing discomfort in your feet, calves or thighs.

Well-Balanced Wheels

Razor Scooter RipRider360

The best Razor Scooters have large wheels that are well-balanced. Wheels need to be able to spin easily and smoothly in order for you to enjoy your ride, so pay attention to quality when choosing one. The last thing you want is for your balance scooter to wobble or shake while you’re using it. In addition, poor-quality wheels can make turning and other maneuvers more difficult than they should be. Large, high-quality wheels are key!

Easy to See Handles

When you’re going down hills, it’s very important to have handles that can be easily seen. If you don’t, then you might lose control and fall off of your scooter. That could cause serious injuries, which could make it hard for you to keep playing with your Razor scooter. It is therefore essential that each handle is colored in bright colors so that they are easy to see and follow as you ride on your scooter.

Lightweight Frame

Razor Scooter BlackLabel_Ripster

The only thing worse than tipping over is tipping over again because your best affordable products, Scooter is too heavy to pick up. Check that your scooter weighs less than 40 lbs—the average weight for an adult rider. If it’s heavier, look into lightweight material like aluminum or magnesium. Metal scooters can be twice as heavy as plastic ones and are hard to hold in place when stopped. The aluminum Razor Scooter A5 (pictured) is one option that stays light while still giving you great performance, grip, and control. It’s also pretty cheap; you’ll get all these features for just $100!

Anti-Tilt Technology

One of the best features of an electric scooter is its ability to help you save money. By providing an extra push when your tires hit a bump, it eliminates that irritating pothole jump and gives you several months more use out of each set of tires. Of course, even with anti-tilt technology, you still need to make sure that your wheel axles are perfectly aligned at all times for maximum performance. A simple check before riding is enough to help ensure longevity and safety.

Great Braking System

To bring your scooter to a stop, it’s important to have excellent brakes. Some Hover 1 Electric Scooter come with front and rear brakes, while others have just one. This brake system can be activated using either hand or foot—depending on which type you prefer. Keep in mind that some people like to switch their braking style when they ride depending on whether they’re navigating through congested areas or riding on trails. In most cases, there is no need for extra stopping power in tight spaces, so it can be easier and safer if one foot is used for braking in those cases—and vice versa for free-flowing areas.


A razor scooter is an indispensable tool for people who live active lifestyles. If you’re constantly on the go, and your time is worth more than gold, investing in a razor scooter can be one of your best investments ever. Investing in a quality razor scooter means that you’ll have access to transportation whenever you need it; whether you live close to your school or work, or if public transportation isn’t as reliable as it could be, owning a scooter ensures that getting around will always be smooth sailing. However, purchasing any old razor scooter won’t do—you want something high quality and durable enough to withstand frequent use.

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