Have you ever wondered what the ideal gaming phone should have? I’ll take care of it Today.I’ll show you the features of the best phones in this top 10, best gaming phones with their snapdragon quality in 2022. 

Samsung Galaxy, Z Fold 3

This phone is excellent, but it has a problem. It has a snapdragon 888 processor, which is one of the best phone CPUs, but the highest graphic power and operational capacity. 

Also, if you’re a demanding gamer, you’ll get a huge 7.6 inch screen and 12 gigabytes of RAM. It’s practically a computer As if that wasn’t enough. It has 256 gigabytes of internal storage and a tremendous 12 megapixel camera And of course it folds. So you can play very comfortably on the Samsung galaxy Z fold.

However, there’s a couple of details. The first one weighs 9.5 inches. It’s a mastodon, but if you’re willing to carry it in exchange, for all its power, that’s fine.There’s another thing that disturbs me It’s battery only last seven hours which is very little honestly, it’s a good phone as long as you can afford it and keep an eye on the battery.

One plus nine

This phone is wonderful, it has a 48 megapixel camera, it’s 6.65 inch screen will allow you to play comfortably and of course it has a snapdragon 888 processor. One of its most surprising features is its battery that offers you up to 10 hours, in 50 minutes continuously. 

It also has the fuel running out of battery, it has an unreal fast charging mode, adjust 30 minutes, the one plus 9 will be 100% charge but I have more to say about it. It’s super light, weighing just 6.77 ounces. Plus it offers you a base, internal storage of 128 gigabytes.

A fair price for what it offers although some experts consider it a bargain. What do you think? I want to reach your comments. The only questionable point is it’s 8 gigabyte RAM, which is fine but could be better still.It’s an excellent phone, not to want it with you. 

Oppo Find X3 Pro

This is one of the best phones.It’s not available in the United States and to get it you must order it from another place. 

If you live there Let’s continue with your analysis. It has a 6.7 inch screen which gives you enough space to play games. It’s packed with a powerful 12 gigabyte RAM and it’s processor is the Snapdragon 888. It has an excellent 50 megapixel camera But more could you ask from a phone and on top of it It’s light. 

Weighing only 6.81 ounces and it’s internal storage capacity is huge. 256 gigabytes. Plus you can use a non-stop for up to 11 hours. Another thing that makes it very attractive, is its design with the very stylized finish though. Don’t be surprised if you see your fingerprints all over, its shiny coating. Well, that’s not your here nor there.I wish it was easy.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

From this number on the image quality takes a leap since this Samsung has a 6.7 inch AMOLED screen that offers you additional dynamism for playing games. Its internal storage is 128 gigabytes and has a RAM of 8. 

So think of that RAM is the part that makes sense of such a great price. On the other hand, its camera is a tremendous 64 megapixels. You’ll feel like it’s taking a picture of yourselves. Its Snapdragon 888 processor, perfectly matches that AMOLED screen placing itself among the best for video games. 

The 7.05 ounces is somewhat heavier than other options, but still comfortable to carry. Its battery could improve a bit. It lasts, nine hours and 40 minutes, Not a considerable disadvantage compared to weather options, but kind of inferior Still.It’s an excellent gaming.Phone

Red Magic 65 Pro

Its battery, charging exaggeratedly, lasts up to 12 hours and 50 minutes of continuous use. What a monster You’re in front of the longest battery charge on this top 10. 

But I still have more to tell you. It has a 6.8 inch AMO LED screen. So you’ll have plenty of space to watch your favourite video games. All this is supported by a powerful snapdragon 888 processor. You won’t be short on operating speeds since it has 12 gigabytes of RAM and you’ll also have 128 gigabytes of internal storage. 

All this is condensed into a single device that weighs 7.6. This is one of the smartphones on this top 10 with the best balance between cost and benefits. Since everything is practically in its favour. The only questionable thing is its cameras, While it has an exaggerated 64 megapixel rear camera. The selfie camera is a megapixels.

One plus nine pro

And it comes with a 6.7 inch ammo, LED screen making it larger and giving it totally superior image quality than it’s non-profession apart from that both versions are pretty similar.  A base ram of eight gigabytes, 128 gigabytes of internal storage, a 48 megapixel camera and a snapdragon 888 processor. 

The only slight difference is the weight, the pro version is almost imperceptibly heavier since it weighs 6.7 ounces and the battery life, which is very slightly lower since it provides us to 10 hours and 40 minutes of continuous use, by the way, the one plus nine pro also has the exaggeratedly fast, charging system of the regular one plus nine.

So you’ll never run out of charge, a really complete smartphone.

iPhone 13 Pro Max,

What will the fit an Apple brand surprise us with? Well, let me tell you next, The iPhone 13 Pro. Max has a 6.7 inch OLED screen which gives an image quality as good as ammo LED screens. It has an A15 Bionic processor which is terrific. 

Listen up, it beats the snapdragon 888 by a whisker, but still On the other hand, it’s battery provides up to 12 hours and 16 minutes of continuous use, which is also excellent, and it gives you base, internal storage of 128 gigabytes. All right, everything is good so far but you must be objective. 

It’s expensive compared to the weather model.And we might think its processor is worth it, but it falters in some more ways. Its camera is 12 megapixels and its Ram is just six gigabytes.

Nubia Red magic 5g

and this number I’ll show you the best. You can get with a limited budget, it has a 6.65 inch screen that although it is an AMO. LED offers you a great image quality being among the top regular screens that has a tremendous 64 megapixel camera and a battery that gives you 11 hours and 30 minutes of continuous use. 

It weighs 7.6 ounces. That’s a bit heavy but it has an 8 gigabyte, Ram and 128 gigabytes of face internal storage, what an affordable monster even surpasses, some phones that we already saw on this list but there’s a weakness that’s at Snapdragon 865 processor. 

Which is somewhat inferior to the Snapdragon 888. But other than that, this is great for video games and the best you can get without breaking your piggyback.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

This phone isn’t perfect and doesn’t have a Snapdragon 888 processor but a tensor which is relatively new and has shown such great operability that it’s at the same level as the 888. 

Its screen is a 6.7 inch Oh well LED just like the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s screen. It has a 12 gigabyte RAM and a base internal capacity of 128 gigabytes placing it at a good level in contrast to the competition. The Pixel 6 Pro has a 50 megapixel screen which makes it excellent. 

Plus it’s beautiful. So it’s kind of expensive and if it didn’t get the first place that’s because this smartphone is a little heavy. 7.4 ounces. Its battery lasts only seven hours and 50 minutes which is considerably less than the competition. 

It has great power, but be careful with the battery.

 Asus Rog phone 5

Now it’s time to see the smartphone that according to trendmax is the best of all time.When it comes to and that’s the number one.

It’s priced at only 680 dollars a bargain without leaving other attributes out. It has a 6.78 inch amoLED screen giving you a good space to play it offers you 128 gigabytes of internal storage and its camera is 64 megapixels so you can ask for sharper photos. It’s packed with a snapdragon 888 crosser and its battery lasts 10 hours and 27 minutes of continuous use. 

So it’s also very good in this regard. How to not consider one of the best options when it comes to gaming phones. It has it all at a lower price. Although this point can be very controversial because its base ram is eight gigabytes. And it weighs 8.4 ounces making it somewhat uncomfortable to carry. 

Also, it’s a little ugly due to its extremely marked gaming design.However, it gathers the wisest choices in contrast to the others.

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