Introduction of Social Wall Tools:
No doubt people are crazy about social media snooping in all over the world and why not when they can share their best clicks with their friends and engage with the entertaining & creative content, not available anywhere else on the internet.

Being an event manager and organizer, you might have already been working on the promotions of your virtual event on social media channels through frequent posts, social ads, and hashtag campaigns, etc. But now you can enhance the performance and engagement in your virtual event by integrating the social media wall into the screens.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about the best social wall tools available on the internet to add a social media wall for your virtual event and make a remarkable impression on your audience. But let’s start with how the social media wall works in your virtual event. Here we go,

Why Social Media Wall In Your Next Virtual Event?

One of the major reasons why you should integrate a social wall in your virtual event is that it enhances the look & feel of the virtual event.
The vibrant social media posts instantly grab the audience’s attention and boost engagement with creative & interesting social media content.

Displaying social media walls during your virtual event edifies your audience about the social presence of your organization. Social media walls boost authority and enhance the reliability of your virtual events. Your audience will receive a unique experience with your virtual events with social media walls as it is not a normal trend. Only a few organizations are using social media walls in their virtual events. So if you are integrating social media walls in your virtual event, you are developing a remarkable impression with your audience.

Moreover, using social media walls, you can leverage many benefits together like an increase in audience engagement, build social proof, boost authority with user-generated content, and create a remarkable impression with your audience.

So let’s check out the tools that help you to easily create & merge social media walls in your virtual event without any hassle and complexities. Read this blog till the end to discover & explore these social wall tools.

5 Best Tools To Display Social Media Wall For Your Next Virtual Event

Taggbox Display
Taggbox Display is a comprehensive and intelligible tool for creating, customizing, and merging interactive social media walls into virtual events. Taggbox Display is popularly known for effortlessly collecting and curating social media posts from multiple social media channels and displaying them on screens in seamless integration.

Social wall tools offers you a diverse range of social media platforms so that you can create a social media wall from whichever channel you want. Also, it has multiple features and functionalities that allow you to customize and embellish creative social media walls into the screens for visually and attractive display of social media walls.  
Tagboard offers a smart and highly interactive interface to build social media walls for your virtual event. With this tool, you can easily create a sparkling social media wall in minutes using the drag and drop functionality.

Tagboard offers you a broad range of customization like high-end graphics, multiple social wall display themes, colors, fonts, etc., to the social media wall.

With this tool, you will get complete hands-on to design social media feeds freely and innovatively. Also, you can manage it remotely and plan social media wall content.


Everwall is another social media wall tool in our list of “the best social wall tool” positioned in the third position. This tool is widely used by many brands and organizations to display social media walls in their events.

You can use this tool to create beautiful social media and display it in your virtual events. With Everwall, you can engage your virtual event audience with social media walls and the latest posts in real-time.

Not only can you create a social media wall, but it is also an analytics tool that gives you useful insights into the audience’s behavior and engagement.

The Wallrus

Immensely popular among the event industry to display a beautiful social media wall in the physical event, you can use this tool to integrate social media walls in your virtual event too. This is an easy-to-use tool that does not require any complex technicalities or skills to design a social media wall.  

The intuitive and advanced technology of this tool allows you to create sophisticated and highly customized social media walls for your event. As the tool is not hard, you can permit anyone to manage social media walls for your virtual event.
Last but one of the most popular social wall tools to create vibrant, interactive, and attractive social media walls to display on event screens, whether physical or virtual. You can easily create social media walls using this tool and build strong relationships with your audience.

The unique feature of this tool is that it does not collect social media posts from public accounts. But it allows your audience to post on social media from their platform and display social media walls from the event.

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