Virtual wellness activities for employees: Employee wellness programs are programs that encourage employees to develop healthy behaviours. The goal of these programs is to reduce employee absence and liability while also improving employee health and satisfaction. Virtual wellness activities ideas are innovative ways to promote remote workers’ emotional, social, and physical health.

These corporate employee wellness programs are very useful for any firm. That is companies search for various virtual fun wellness activities. If you are also looking for virtual wellness activities for employees, then this blog is going to help you a lot. We are mentioning some virtual wellness games and activities that you can use and play with your remote employees. So, let’s get started!

Here are Top 7 Virtual Wellness Activities For Employees

  1. Awards for Healthy Living

TeamBuilding provides a concept called Healthy Living Credits. It assists remote employees to exercise and self-care. Employees can spend up to $100 each month on services. Such as gym subscriptions, house cleaning, and salon visits. Employees submit receipts for payment and are refunded for their expenses.

  1. Water Drinking Challenge

One of the most effective virtual wellness activities ideas is the water drinking challenge. Employees who work from home are never more than a few steps away from the kitchen. There are also no employees to blame people for taking a dozen restroom breaks a day. 

Adults should drink an average of eight glasses of water every day. Launch a water drinking challenge to keep your virtual staff hydrated. You may create a dedicated Slack channel and invite individuals to join you for drinks at various times throughout the day. You might also provide staff with a tracker water bottle and challenge them to post photos of their empty water jugs. Expense Management Solutions are the best for the companies to over view their expenses.

  1. The Challenge of a Clean Desk

Maintaining a clean workplace helps with concentration and mental wellness. Launch a clean desk challenge to encourage your remote staff to keep their at-home workspaces clean.

Ask the participants to send images or video recordings of clean workstations at the end of each workday or workweek. You may also ask for images of clean desks at regular intervals to encourage staff to keep their workstations clean. You may provide a bigger prize to the colleague who has the most clean desk photographs at the end of the challenge. Alternatively, you may give away digital gift cards every day of the event by selecting a winner.

  1. Virtual Group Workout

Sedentary professions are common, and work-at-home individuals may walk even less. Hosting online group exercises is one method to get your employees moving. Sending a periodic calendar invite with a video meeting link is the easiest approach to conduct an online workout class for workers. 

Staff members connect via video conference to begin the lesson and work out together. You may either employ a personal trainer to run the session or hire a member of the athletic team and provide them with a bonus or extra time off.

  1. Challenge yourself to a virtual workout.

If your employees are unhappy in front of a webcam or prefer to work out alone, you may set up a virtual fitness challenge for them. Set a goal for yourself, such as “walk every day” or “ten minutes of aerobic exercise every day.”

Employees will keep track of whether they met the objective each day. To keep track of everything using a free tracker tool. You might also use applications like Map My Run or Espresa to keep track of your progress.

Give the gift at the end of the challenge. You may provide a bigger prize to the colleague who achieves the best outcomes. If funds allow, give each winner a prize, such as a $10 gift card. This method will encourage people to stay in the challenge rather than give up after the first failure.

  1. Yoga or Stretching Sessions on Zoom

Some of the finest health activities for remote employees include Zoom Yoga or Stretch Sessions. Yoga is a workout that also serves as a stress reliever and a kind of meditation. Employees who work from home are less likely to break a sweat doing the downward dog posture than they are doing jumping jacks. As a result, teammates are more likely to participate in lunchtime yoga or stress reduction activities.

To conduct Zoom Yoga or stretch sessions, first, find a willing fitness teacher or teammate, or discover an excellent yoga sequence video. Then, give workers a calendar invite with a meeting link. We suggest making a weekly 15-minute event a habit.

  1. Club for Healthy Cooking

Employees who work from home do not have to worry about the attractions of breakroom pastries or unplanned meals. Even if employees work from home, they may not consume healthy meals. Start a healthy cooking club to encourage remote employees to eat balanced meals.

Employees may share healthy recipe ideas via a shared Google Doc or a link collector. They can post photos of finished dishes to a cloud-based photo album. You might even do regular remote dinners or virtual cooking sessions focusing on healthy foods, or send meal kits to members.


So, we have discussed and learned about different virtual wellness activities for employees. Each employee has their own set of personal objectives, and no two cultures are the same. Make sure your staff is not overworked by presenting them with different challenges. All you have to do is make it entertaining and interesting. Your staff will stay active and healthy if your wellness programs are enjoyable.

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