Since ancient times, diamonds have been prized as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. Many couples see no reason to ever deviate from the lab grown diamond rings, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an alternative out there that will still please your loved one. You may even be surprised to find that lab grown diamonds offer some benefits over their mined counterparts that could make them worth considering. Let’s take a look at why you should buy a lab grown diamond rings.

Most Pure

lab grown diamond rings are purer than their mined counterparts. Since they’re made in labs with strict quality control, there is virtually no chance of them being mixed with other materials like cut down or rejected diamonds. The same can’t be said for traditional diamond mines which rely on sifting to separate diamonds from other materials. This results in mixes that may contain up to 10% impurities and mixed grades, neither of which sound very appealing when you’re spending so much money on such an important piece of jewelry. Why settle for something less than perfect when the lab has grown diamond earrings are just as beautiful but several grades higher? It makes sense to pay a little more for something much better!

Most Value For Money

Being lab grown diamond rings are man-made, they are not subject to issues of natural attrition and therefore continue to shine beautifully with none of the risks and high costs associated with mined diamonds. One can get lab grown diamond earrings at virtually any quality grade that one wants. The range in colour, clarity and size is exactly as one expects. Aquamarine diamonds can also be made in lab. You just need to know that what color of aquamarine is most popular. This makes them an extremely versatile choice for everyday wear or special occasions such as weddings and engagement parties. Since these diamonds can be customized to your budget or specifications; no need to look beyond if you’re thinking about I buy a lab’s grown diamond rings.

Best Quality Control

A lab grown diamond rings will always be made from 100% carbon. It’s extremely hard to create natural diamonds that are uniform in size and quality, with only an occasional inclusion or colour variation. A lab-grown diamond is always exactly what you see when you look at it – no more and no less – making them perfect for repeat customers. Further, as synthetics improve, both in colour and clarity, they should become even more desirable than natural diamonds to consumers who care about having a higher level of quality control. Lab-grown diamonds are also significantly cheaper than most natural stones to produce (they have nearly double the industrial demand) while offering similar levels of beauty.

Ethical Issues Are A Thing Of The Past

Not only are these diamonds incredibly rare and impossible to get, but they also avoid many of the issues that real diamonds carry with them. Conflict diamonds are one of those problems as they have been used to fund war efforts in countries such as Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone. By purchasing lab grown diamond rings you can avoid these issues which allows your money to be well spent. As for environmental concerns with real diamonds, these do not exist for lab grown ones as a result of their production process. Another amazing benefit is that by using synthetic alternatives you can afford an even better diamond than could otherwise be afforded.

 These just scratch the surface when it comes to why lab grown diamond’s rings make sense; as a result of all these benefits, you really should consider getting one today! A lab grown diamond rings will give you so much more than just another ring to wear on your finger. It gives you something unique and special that will be appreciated by others as well. Lab grown diamonds are perfect for someone who wants something different without sacrificing quality or value. And while they may cost more initially, lab grown diamonds tend to hold their value better over time making them ideal investments too! So if you’re looking for a gift idea or want something new for yourself then look no further because lab grown diamond rings are where it’s at!

If after reading all of these reasons you still aren’t convinced then don’t worry because there is still more out there regarding lab created diamonds that makes them so awesome.

Most Eco-Friendly Option

Natural diamonds aren’t an environmentally-friendly option. Natural diamonds are created by supernova explosions, carbon traps in volcanic vents, and shifts in continents. Mining for diamonds, one of their only two uses (jewellery is their other use), doesn’t sound very eco-friendly to me. Diamond mining involves land clearing and potentially large amounts of waste material and pollutants.

An eco-friendly choice to avoid that waste and pollution? A lab grown diamond rings or lab grown diamond earrings don’t create all that waste! This gives you more green reasons to add jewelry to your list of ethical consumer purchases.

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