When you think about the Facelift cosmetic procedure, you may probably want to know about the recovery time. But it is critical to say about the expected post-operative recovery time. After any kind of invasive or minimally invasive surgery, recovery time is essential for proper healing and speed recovery. To get a desirable outcome, the cosmetic surgeon asks their patient to temporarily adjust their sleeping position to reduce the risk of post-operative complications.

Any cosmetic surgery, including facelift surgery, is performed by board-certified plastic surgeons and teams. Cosmetic surgery gets perfection through their experience and practice. They perform your facelift surgery with a high degree of precision to provide an aesthetic outcome.

In this article, you will learn about the suitable sleeping position after facelift and when you can return to your normal sleeping position.

When is A facelift surgery performed?

The facelift is a complex and invasive cosmetic procedure medically designed to tighten, lift, and improve the facial structure to bring back the youthful look. Now facelift has been performed with advanced and cutting-edge facelift techniques by highly competent cosmetic surgeons. There are a different kind of facelifts including:

Traditional Facelift

Mini Facelift


Lower facelift

Neck lift

Brow lift

Depending on your problem and personal objectives, the cosmetic surgeon will recommend the most suitable facelift procedure for you. With increasing age, our skin comes across multiple skin problems, including signs of aging. Facelift surgery is the most appropriate surgery to correct your face and give a youthful appearance.

Aging concerns include:

  • Sagging Skin
  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Facial folds
  • Drooping jawlines
  • Droopy eyes
  • Sagging eyebrows
  • Excess and loose skin
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Downturned mouth
  • Loose neck skin
  • Angry or very tired skin

The basic idea of Facelift surgery

The steps and details of facelift surgery entirely depend on the type of facelift performed to resolve your concern. According to your problem, the surgeon establishes the most suitable approach. 

In a traditional facelift or complete facelift, the doctor makes an incision just beyond the hairline, which goes through the face hair lining, around your ear, and behind the ear. Cosmetic surgeons can access and shape the multiple layers of facial muscle and tissue underneath your skin by creating a smaller incision. After reconstruction, excess skin has been excised ad the remaining skin is folded over the improved facial contour. After complete recovery patient will get a skin tightening effect along with younger-looking skin. The cosmetic surgeon takes special care to concentrate on repositioning and tightening the facial muscle, connective tissue, and fat to skip out on overly tight effects or any artificial-looking appearance. 

How much time is required to get complete recovery after facelift surgery?

As per general assumption, the doctor says the patient needs a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks for complete recovery. But patients can return to their everyday life after ten to fifteen days with some precautions. 

A facelift is an invasive treatment, some amount of swelling, discomfort, and bruising is average during the first 7-10 days, but the doctor will prescribe some medication and lifestyle remedies to resolve the problems; you can get rid of this post-surgery effect by following advice of your surgeon. The doctor will ask you to avoid strenuous physical activity and some jerking exercise for minimum 2 months. Unexpected jerking may damage your facial reconstruction in an internal layer which makes you bother for the long term.

You will see the final result of your facelift surgery after 6 months, because you need much time to develop internal collagen, muscle, and tissue. Your face needs enough time to heal and settle. 

What is the suitable sleeping position after a facelift?

Facial surgery is just like any other major procedure. So, it can be exhausting. You may want to sleep comfortably, but you have to consider few things before you feel comfortable. After facelift surgery, the most suitable sleeping position is to sleep on your back with your head gently elevated. 

Your doctor will ask you not to sleep on your tummy or either side. It is always good to practice your new sleeping position fifteen days before your facial reconstruction surgery for an effortless transition.

Other sleeping postures like sleeping on your font or your side should be skipped in the first few weeks after facial reconstruction surgery or facelift. Sleeping in a side position may worse you’re swelling and stretch out the recovery period. However, sleeping in the wrong posture causes friction to your face and deteriorates the healing tissue and muscle at your facelift site.

Using a Recliner can be an excellent option to maintain the correct position during sleeping; it is a great option to force yourself to stay on your back with zero risks of turning and tossing. It would be best to protect your face from unwanted pressure because it can reopen your facelift incision. But recliners are costly. If it is above your budget, then replace it with extra pillows, which is a more cost-effective option during your recovery time. Just drop a comfortable pillow underneath your head to keep your chin slightly up.

If you are thinking about facelift surgery, take a consultation from the best dermatologist in Dubai. He will guide you on what kind of facelift is suitable for your skin condition.

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