Before the day of judgment(Qayamat), Fitnah of Dajjal is the most dangerous in the Islamic history. His appearance is the biggest sign of Qayamat.  People want to know where Dajjal is Located?

Dajjal Location Hadith:

Hadith proves us Dajjal will not be a system while he will be a proper personality.He will support the system which is being controlled by the Jewish. By using such technology from the system, he will perform such miracles that weak faith people will consider him as a God. Because there will be Heaven and hell in his both hands which will be made by him.

As it will be a fraud. Our Prophet(peace be upon him) said that: “if this time will come, just go to hell which is created by him. His Hell will really be Heaven and Heaven will really be Hell”. 

Every prophet frightened people in their own era about the Fitna of Dajjal but they did not about proper symptoms of Dajjal. As our Prophet(peace be upon him) was the last prophet, so Allah Almighty Let him know every symptom of Dajjal so that he(peace be upon him) can let us know about him(Dajjal).

After knowing his symptoms we can face his fitna and our prophet(P.B.U.H) did the same and provided us with all the information about him. He(P.B.U.H) also let us know where Dajjal is located. So you have known the story of Dajjal, that who is he and how he will ruin whole Humanity.

Eyes of Dajjal:

Dajjal will be one eyed and there will be written the word “ کافر “ on his forehead. Every Muslim who has strong faith will know him easily.

Hairs and Height of Dajjal:

The hairs of Dajjal will be curly and he will be a short person.

Is Dajjal Present in this World right now?

Where dajjal is located if he is present in this world.  It’s an easy question as our prophet(P.B.U.H) has known us where he is imprisoned.  He also knew where he was located and when he would appear. You will be shocked if you will know in this article that there is an Island which is according to these symptoms.

There was a sahaba whose name was Hazrat Amin Dari who was christian. When he came to Rasool PBUH for accepting Islam he told his journey to the mysterious Island where he saw a creature. Our Prophet confirmed that he was dajjal.

40 Days :

According to Hadith Dajjal will go to each and every part of the earth and he will stay 40 days in each city or country. In this time period he will mislead many people. He will say that he is God. And at that time he will have powers to give food and water. Most people will be his victim of his Fitna. Only those people can face him who recites Surah Al Kahf on every Friday. 

Mecca and Madina:

In the time of the appearance of Dajjal, Mecca and Madina will be shaked by Allah Almighty. Most of the people will leave these cities. According to Hadith Dajjal can’t enter Mecca and Madina because the seven doors through which he will enter these cities will be guarded by the Angels. So that’s why he can’t enter these cities.  As Islam is the true religion and the saying is also ture.

There will be a palace which will be named as Dajjal Palace in which he will live. This palace will be placed near the Madina. There he will see Masjide Nabvi and ask people: “Who belongs to this beautiful palace?”  Then his followers will reply that this is the Masjid Nabvi. He will try to reach there but he can not.

Exact Location of Dajjal:

When people asked our prophet(PBUH) that from where Dajjal will appear. He(PBUH) replied three times and said Dajjal will come from the East. He also said that Dajjal will not be from Oman and Yemen. 

As we know there are four Islands near one is Lakshadweep Island located in India, second is Masirah Island in Oman, third one is Socotra Island located in Yemen. The fourth one is Astola Island in Pakistan. 

Our prophet had already said that Dajjal will not come from Yemen and Oman. Then there remain two Islands. Now see the exact location which is East of Madina, it’s Astola Island.

Astola Island:

All the symptoms prove that Astola Island is the Island where Dajjal is located. There is a temple which is also a symptom of Dajjal. According to researchers this temple is at least 2000 years old.  So this is the place where Dajjal is located.

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