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    Buying Guide: Which Size of bed useful as essential furniture

    Beds are the type of furniture on which you can recline or sleep. For many centuries, it has been
    considered an essential furniture in the house and a prized status symbol. Having a
    comfortable bed enables you to have a sound sleep before going for your long working days.
    Whatever may be the reason, beds are the most loved furniture pieces in Indian households as
    they are our comfort partners.
    You spend around one-third of your life sleeping; this tells you the importance of choosing the
    right bed for yourself. The wrong bed can cause sore muscles, back pain and, most importantly, a
    lack of quality sleep. Office furniture also helps to increase employs. A good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed can increase your productivity.
    This article will guide you in finding the best bed for your home based on your needs.

    Factors that are needed to be considered when finalizing the bed:-

    The following factors should influence the selection of bed for your home:-

    Bed size: The size of your bed depends on the available space in the room and who would use
    the bed. Beds for your kids are smaller in size and single beds have sleeping space for just one
    person, but they spare floor space for more storage area in the room.
    If space availability is an issue, then bunk beds can be chosen, allowing sleeping space for two
    people using the floor space of one bed. King or queen-size beds are the most special furniture
    pieces in households and are used by couples.

    The material used for the bed: Beds are made up of premium hardwood, engineered hardwood
    and metal frames. Furniture made of premium hardwood is more comfortable, is suited for
    quality sleep and enhances the natural look of your bedroom.
    Furniture made of engineered hardwood is affordable, durable, and cheaper than hardwood.
    Engineered wood exhibits better performance during humid weather conditions as they are fitted
    with high-quality plywood.

    Available storage options: Some of you might like to go with beds without storage; these beds
    are simple and lighter, having a sleek design. Beds also come in different designs that include
    under-bed storage space in the form of drawers or boxes. These are best for smaller bedrooms as
    they provide ample space to store other things.

    Bed price: The type and size of the bed and the level of customization dictates the bed price.
    Beds are essential furniture pieces that last for several years, so you should choose your suitable
    comfort companion considering all the aspects.

    Standard bed sizes you can choose from:-

    King size bed: The width of the king-size bed is generally 72 inches (1.8 m), and the length is
    72 – 78 inches (1.83 – 1.98 m). These are the basic measurements, which can vary based on the
    manufacturer and the design you plan to choose.
    This size is suitable for two adults who prefer quality personal space or accommodate two adults
    and a growing child. King size bed has a special status among the different essential furniture pieces
    available in a household.

    Queen size bed: The dimensions of a queen size bed are 60 or 66 inches (1.52 – 1.68 m) in width
    and 72 to 75 inches (1.83 – 1.91 m) in length. Queen-size beds are smaller than king-size beds
    but have enough space to be fit for two adults along with a small child.
    The bed measurements can change based on the level of customization required. Queen size bed
    allows you to have a comfortable sleep while having ample legroom.

    Double bed: These beds have a width around 48 inches (1.22 m) and a length range of 72 to 75
    inches (1.83 – 1.91 m). They are perfect for a single adult who tends to enjoy their personal
    space, but this size makes it a tight fit for two adults.
    These beds are economical and are ideal for smaller-sized rooms. Teenagers or freshly-graduated
    adults prefer these beds.

    Single bed: The size of these beds is suitable for growing children. A single bed is around 30, 36
    or 42 inches in width and 72 to 78 inches in length. These beds can easily accommodate a single
    child and spare space for modifications.
    You can put two single beds side by side in a shared bedroom to increase the space. These beds
    are the most essential furniture pieces available in dorm rooms, hostels etc.

    We have discussed the different specifications of the beds, which you can consider for choosing
    your bed based on room size, price, and other factors. If you are unhappy with the standard sizes,
    you can buy a customized bed based on the specification you need.

    You can buy a wooden king-size or queen-size bed online, along with mattresses on the Bajaj
    Finserv EMI Store. The final decision comes down to your requirements and the comfort level
    needed. Sleeping in peace brings much-needed comfort to your life, and deciding on a suitable
    bed is an important decision in this direction.

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