As we all know, for the last two years, the world has been devastated by the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 have cause havoc on both the economy and education system of every country. This is because Education institutes of all the counties have been closed. Nowadays, all institutes have shifted their education from physical to the online classing system, and the idea of an online classing system has attracted almost all the educational institutes of every country, which is why online tutoring/education has become very popular. Many people think that digital tutoring or online tutoring isn’t good enough for their children. But there are many benefits of online education even for religious communities, like Muslims, who want their children to get knowledge about Hadith and Quran. They can get them online Quran Teaching from many websites which are present in internet.

Online Tutoring/Education Benefits:

1.     Environmental Factor:

How well a student understands the topic depends upon the environment he is studying, and sometimes the student isn’t getting such a great environment in physical classes, which led to the low morale of the student. As compared to the online tutoring a student can attend their classes according to their desire environment, they can take classes in a less noisy area, library, or any other place that have less distraction.

2.      Student Can Contact their Tutor:

One of the main benefits of getting online tutoring is a students can always remain in touch with their respected teacher. In physical education lesson was over as the soon class is over and student can’t remain in touch with their teacher regarding any queries. But in case of online education, students can contact their tutor for any kind of problems. Also, the communication factor between the student and their teachers improves as well.

3.      Confidence Boost:

In physical classes, the student can’t keep up with all the subjects and can’t get proper attention from the teacher regarding the subject or topic. As a result, the confidence of the student decreases. However, in online tutoring, the morale and confidence of the students increase because, the students get proper attention and time from their teacher, and they can also contact their teacher regarding any they are facing in a subject.

For Example, during the time of exams students don’t want to give their exams unprepared. And that’s why through online tutoring, the students can arrange classes for any subject during exam days so that, they can be fully prepared for the particular subject exam.

4.     Less Cost of the Tutor:

Another benefit that student’s parents can get from online education is that, parents can hire an online tutor for their child in relatively less price than the private tutors. This means the parents can hire any tutor which suits the budget they have. In case of private tuitions, parents have to pay huge amount for the tutors, and also have to arrange transport for their children.

5.     Free Online Tutor of Religious Books:

Before COVID-19, religious parents send their children to mosques, Temple, churches, etc. for the education of their religious books like the Holy Quran, Bible, etc. Now because of the COVID-19, they have to give them online tutoring regarding religious books at home. For this, the parent can go to many religious websites like Muslims, many websites are also present for online Quran teaching. Similarly, for Christians many websites are also present for online Bible teaching. 

6.     Free Online Tutor for Courses:

Students can also get a free online tutor for their favorite subject or course. There are many websites on the internet who provides free online courses and tutor for the students who are struggling in their subjects. Below this, are the names of the websites which provide a free online tutor for subjects.

  • Udacity
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Skill share
  • Khan Academy
  • Open Culture, etc.

7.      Awareness of Applications and Technology:

The young generation nowadays has a lot of information about technology and          various applications. They can easily understand the applications like Zoom and Skype to attend online tutoring classes on their laptops. Apart from that, in physical classes, students have to submit their handwritten notes and assignment. But in the case of online tutoring, students can make their reports and assignment in Microsoft Word, and then submit their assignments and report in skype or zoom.


The popularity of online tutoring is arguably increasing, mainly because of its elements of flexibility, adjustability, better environment, etc. Online, every student can learn at their own pace and style which suits them the most. Another reason for the popularity of online tutoring is the availability of the online tutor. Students can get help from them at any time. This helps the students to get their morale high so that they can achieve their goals.

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