It’s Day with a very interesting topic. It is Extraterrestrial races with the general question. But anyway, it didn’t look good in the other parts outside. Earth life is not the exception. It is the norm in the universe. Everything is life. Everything is consciousness. Is shorter. Documented is alive official characteristics that values according to those My personality on it’s alive, but he’s alive like funny. 

It is true that the piece of glass has less attention to the culture, but you are here only here, consciousness, life is everywhere in the universe. 

Yeah, me the mom to refuse a locally here momma any inside. Another lava. So it’s insanity. I didn’t turn it. Hmm. Okay stores because there is life in them. The humanoid races, All of that didn’t happen. 

Number of Civilizations

Now are of and being the most common ones taking humans as a base reference here, there are at least four hundred thousand civilizations good quite with inhabitants of various races who would pass for humans each and every one of those four hundred thousand civilizations are different with small, physical differences, capabilities or DNA, but all appear as humans. 

Starting from those 400,000, we would pass to the countless. Others who look like humans, but they already clearly differ in something, that would not make them pass. Example of this would be the deals, you flex. I’ve drawn this obsession and the soul is among so many of you going to believe. 

It’s one with a different level of scientific and social development. 

There are countless other felines, racists, and insect toys. Elephant was its one and two different levels of scientific and social development. 

Pre-industrial Stage

In the glaze, there are many civilizations in the pre-industrial stage. Some have barely discovered the wheel or the fire, others have installed bronze or mediaeval stages. You can never finish learning and seeing the enormous variety of art customs and characters that exist, I speak of billions of trillions of civilizations, when the earth was in this stone age. 

It was from one point of view in five day From another into the, it cannot be cut along as easily as the researchers of this topic on earth. 

They don’t want to be known

Many races do not want to be known. They feel threatened. We like their privacy. They do not want to be included. Have you ever heard about that solution? For example, Another Cleveland there are other leases that Hollywood already imposing the concept that they are fiction sermonizations. And how many there are is more than monumental, everyone believes that in the playlist. 

Everything is so advanced that they are orbs of light high. 

They don’t know anything about their interstellar

It is and they don’t know anything about their interstellar, older. Brothers and sisters. They also look at the nice guy. And wonder what those little lights that go through the sky, shining at night are creating myths and stories about those lights and this even in 5D even in 50 the densities are not synonymous with technological advancement, it is more related to spiritual advancement one. 

How many interstellar races are there in the play? This is about 11, interstellar races exams, Easter models of Atlas practice, the most are spiritually advanced people with a small. They are not inner still not for being fools, not for lack of communication by their own decision. They have said, it is something very profound and very important. 

They exist in 5D

Why be interstellar? Because they are no longer centred in the physical like other races. There are races in 5D that are not interstellar. It is curious that 5D can be in the stage of the bronze age. In the majority of the 5D races, 99.9999% of the races in 5D are not inner stills. 

Each one for its own reason, many for the same reason, logical others, do not reach the technological. And spiritual level to be interstellar to be interstellar. Technology must be greatly combined with spirituality as wise. You simply cannot be or by your own conviction. Not needed. I felt that being invited to This already, grants a certain spiritual level from the 3D point of view of the earth. 

Of course, yes, from the 5D point of view, there are also stages and spiritual development, there is always more. 

Going back to the races of the Clearades. There are 11 interstellar, Do you think it matters to mention what they are? Yes, the main ones are also young. Still open song messaging. Asteroid. Hello. Elohim Nerf Elios middle. Okay. Here are my feelings. Middle linearian archives, human morphs. Take it up, take it, play on it. 

Positive or unpositive solids

So as us Alexa and Celiano Celestes or Blue, Canadian Goose Maya Maya Mullis Hobbit, These are the famous and their variance of them. If the went into it, there would be thousands and all humanoids, Some more than others. But yes some unpositive solids, others feel. Eyes. Other. Lira-based sorrows are reptilians. 

Are they not? Yes. So go. All the must. So there are octillion braces in the play. It is. And are the positive? Yes. Not because they are. So it always means they are negative. Do they have anything to do with drug reptilians? Same family, Alpha Dragons as many raggles are positive but they are not. 

Negative Alpha Dragons

And yes there are negative alpha dragons but they are always kept in check by the positive ones. Okay? And this solids in the playlist, are they related to those outside playlists? Yes. All races have their relatives inside and outside. 

Other Nordics like you all but negative just of course there are, but they’re also many artificial clothes made to appear like us and they are not us from negative. Agendas Speaking of not interstellar, rac and others. We have the most not interstellar but in Maya we have again other most called knowledge Maya that are in the stellar be the same race. 

Maya was an eye for the solar system. Maya and 45 Maya with a. Why is it for the race? The people. Okay. And that Maya hoping have to do with our bias and our hobbies, they are them, hence the name, that’s where they were from initially, what they had on earth were economies

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