Embed Twitter Feed on your Website ccording to reports from Data Never Sleeps 8.0, Twitter gains 319 new users every minute. Such is the influence of this social media giant. And we try to analyze the success of this platform, then we can find that the platform allows users to post tweets in limited characters, and due to that, people find the tweets more readable and hence keeps them hooked on the platform.

As there is a character limit for each tweet, the one who uploads tends only to express the highlights and needed information, and as it is short and less time-consuming, readers do not mind reading it. Vaguely we can say that has been the success story for Twitter. You can utilize the pattern for your business; you just need to embed Twitter feed on your website.

If this mini-analysis isn’t enough for you to think about using this strategy, then we are listing some of the major reasons that might encourage you to embed Twitter feed on your website.

Compelling Reasons to Embed Twitter Feed On the Website

Twitter itself provides you with the option to embed Twitter feed on the website, but this method has some limitations like – you have to embed tweets one by one, and you cannot customize the widget as per your need. Therefore, we suggest you use Social Media feed & Aggregators for this process, as they make the embedding process simple and provide various features that add more significance to this strategy. Here are some of the benefits of this strategy.

1. Increases visitors’ engagement on your website

Twitter feeds are usually informative, engaging, and sometimes entertaining. And as mentioned before, due to the limitation on the character count, it is less time-consuming; readers usually prefer reading or going through the tweet once.

You can choose to show the tweets related to particular hashtags, for example, hashtags related to your industry. With this, you can provide all the latest updates and happenings worldwide related to your industry. Therefore, it will keep the readers engaged and at the same time, can educate them about the news related to your industry.

You can even choose to display tweets from your Twitter handle. So, you can provide your visitors with information related to your business. Moreover, you can create hype for your upcoming projects or products.

Twitter also allows you to post images and videos on the platform. Hence you can even embed Twitter images or videos related to your business to your visitors.

2. Enhances visuals of the website

Twitter also offers the users the facility to post visual-based content, and they utilize this feature nicely as they post images, videos, and other content that keep the viewers hooked for a longer time.

And we already know how important visuals and videos are for marketers, as they help express the message in a better way and stay longer in the minds of the viewers. Hence by embedding Twitter feed on the website, you can

Also, images, videos, and other visual content can bring liveliness to your visitors. And if you are opting to embed Twitter feeds using social media aggregators, then you don’t have to worry about the performance of your website. These tools stream images, videos, and all types of visual-based content without affecting the website’s speed.

3. Bridges your Twitter handle with the website

While running a business, it is also important to have strong social media strength in today’s world. This is because social media feed provides ease in communicating with the people and also, people often determine the quality and reputation of the brand based on their social media strength.

There can be chances that many people would be unaware about your social media presence, by embedding Twitter feed on the website, you can provide a sneak into your social media presence and an option for them to follow you there.

You can even opt to embed Twitter feeds on the website related to your business and posted by your users. In simple words, you can even add user-generated content related to your business from Twitter. User-generated content is gold for businesses; it provides great publicity for your business and helps to increase the reach.

By embedding content from your users, you can provide a boost to user-generated content for your business. After viewing the feeds on the website posted by other customers, it might encourage other consumers to post content related to your business and enjoy the spotlight on your website.

5. Provides social proof

Any business needs to win trust amongst the people, a rational consumer trusts businesses; if businesses provide them with social proof or reviews related to their products, it helps in their buying decision. Social proofs are images and videos posted by your consumers on social media, and you can utilize the posts posted on Twitter, by showing them on the website. Therefore, it can help you to convert your visitors into your customers.

Summing It Up

In recent years Twitter has been a useful social media platform for businesses. It helps them attain more customers by providing them the platform to market their products/brands in front of a huge audience. You can extract further benefits from the platform by choosing to embed Twitter feed on the website. You can take assistance from social media aggregators for this process as they make embedding easy and provide various features to make your strategy more beneficial.

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